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12-03-2004, 08:52 AM
Hey y'all - I don't know much about hifi, but I figure you all might. I got a christmas wishlist stating the person wants a good set of wireless RF headphones to listen to TV and Home stereo and Computer - but here the catches...

Are there any that you can plug numerous headphones into - 2 is ok, maybe even 4?

Also if they have multiple headsets can they listen to different things?? (doubt it)

If the above is not currently available - would two independent headsets/receivers interfere with each other?

How does this work - if I bought two receivers for example and plugged one into the tv then one into the home stereo - could the two users tune in to either of these?

Now - last question - and I doubt its out there but maybe!? Are there any RF receivers that take multiple chanels? So he could plug in a TV, home stereo, and whatever else at once? Or I guess he could just plug it into his current receiver... hrm... then no separate channel listening tho ... I dunno... thats why I'm here - any help out there?

Thanks in advance for any input! --bp