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11-27-2004, 11:58 PM
I'm looking for a digital voice recorder (dvr) or mp3 player that has the following features:
1. External mic jack
2. Run on replaceable user-batteries (AAA's or replaceable lithium)
3. Have fast forward buttons that FF through material without jumping to
the next recording (programmable at 1 minute intervals even better)
4. Have option of running on an adapter (wall plug, cig. lighter)
5. Have removeable media?
6. The longer it will record, the better 22 hours plus with good voice quality
7. No hassles (copy protection junk) to copy my files to other media
8. 30 day or at least 2 weeks to return item for full refund if it's not working as I need it to.
I intend to use this thing (for the most part) to record talk radio, but also to record professional CEU listen to as I drive. I've sent several such devices back to the dealer because the audio was full of static...or because the fast forward button is slow (need to zip through commercials without resetting the device and without waiting forever).