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11-25-2004, 08:14 PM
My father just bought a SAE amp and preamp that he hooked up into some ADS 200 series speakers. We were using our computer as the source of media. Anyway, I was playing with it and I blew up the ADS bookshelfs. He was pretty chapped at the very least.

I was thinking I would buy him something new for Christmas and I noticed that there was an "A/D/S" company out there still where my dad had told me that they had folded. I saw that they were making a similar speaker that I had blown up: the L301 or L201. Anyway, I was thinking I would get him something like that. However, I was somewhat hesitant because I don't know if these are somewhat genuine or what. It would it be prudent to buy some or is there something that would be better? Keep in mind that my dad was thinking he would make this a very nostalgic stereo.