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11-21-2004, 04:53 PM
After just watching this movie again since it came out, I noticed that there was pretty much, no soundtrack at all except for the Opera that Andy (Tim Robbins) plays over the PA system and gets a month in the hole for. I have no idea what opera it was (only PatD may know for sure) but like the point made in the film, it didn't matter. For a brief time, everyone in the prison just stood there silently absorbing the beauty of MUSIC! Andy also makes the point of saying that the music in your head and in your heart can not be taken away from you. They can take your dignity, pride, and almost everything else, but not your music.

I just thought this was a powerful message coming from an unlikely movie or place. Along with all the other positive points made throughout this film, this point hit home on this last viewing.

What other Soundtracks have been inspirational or touching in some way for you?

Remember now, it's about the music....not the movie!