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11-19-2004, 06:45 PM
I am considering purchasing the M60 Ti's from Axiom, Im not looking to blow my roof off but I like to crank Floyd up at times so I would like some suggestions on a decent reciver,
This is not for a Home Theater sytem, strickly music.
Im trying to stay at $500.00 or less. Right now im looking at the Denon 395 and 685,
Also looking for a decent CD or DvD for about the same or less.
We have a Best buy and Circuit city here and there HiFi rooms are the most pitiful things you would ever see!

11-19-2004, 09:09 PM
If not interested in HT, I would get an Integrated amp. In a receiver most of the effort goes into features (mostly useless in stereo), not amp / preamp sections. I went through 2 receivers (Pioneer & Harman Kardon) before I got a NAD integrated that crushed them in clarity, imaging and everything else really. I would say take a look at Cambridge Audio, NAD, Rotel, and Creek. Receivers are for H/T, generally they cannot touch an amp in stereo unless you get into receivers way over the $500 budget. However there is one exception, the Panasonic digital receivers have been getting a ton of buzz online from audiophiles (some are replacing $1500 amps with it). The models are SA-XR25 SA-XR45 and the new SA-XR50. It is 100w per channel but it keeps the signal from the CD/DVD player digital (if you use an optical cable) and amplifies it that way via a brand new technology. It is said to sound very good, it's around $250 online. Some people are hooking up the front and rear outputs to bi-wire speakers with them also. This may be the way to go...