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11-19-2004, 08:48 AM

1. Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn
2. Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse
3. A Ghost Is Born by Wilco
4. Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
5. Final Straw by Snow Patrol
6. Antics by Interpol
7. Smile by Brian Wilson
8. The Dirty South by Drive By Truckers
9. College Dropout by Kanye West
10. Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron & Wine
11. Real Gone by Tom Waits
12. Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus by Nick Cave, et al
13. Medulla by Bjork
14. from a basement on the hill by Elliott Smith
15. I by Magnetic Fields
16. Talkie Walkie by Air
17. Folker by Paul Westerberg
18. Madvillainy by Madvillain
19. Trouble by Ray LaMontagne
20. Bastards of the Beat by Damnwells

The complete list of top 100 editors picks is at

11-19-2004, 09:42 AM
Have: 1- good, but........; 2- good, but......; 10- good; 15- not very impressed; 19- just got yesterday and it is excellent.

On wish-list: 8, 12.

Overall reaction: meh.

11-19-2004, 10:01 AM
Have: 1- good, but........; 2- good, but......; 10- good; 15- not very impressed; 19- just got yesterday and it is excellent.

On wish-list: 8, 12.

Overall reaction: meh.
Yeah, I only have 2, 4 and 5 so far.

I wanna really love the last Modest Mouse but I'm listening right now to Lonesome Crowded West for maybe the third time in the last week and thinking how much I miss the guys that made this album. The new one just doesn't quite do it for me, but it is good. Not quite top 10 for me though. Or maybe it will be. Maybe I'll be swayed by the love in some of these lists :)

Still really like the Franz Ferdinand, even though I feel a little guilty for it and keep telling myself I shouldn't. Just good clean fun, but with loads of style. Not enough albums like that anymore, at least not that I hear. Very likely top 10 for me.

Not sure about the Snow Patrol album yet. It is good, but just not much style (or substance) to it. And for me it needs one or the other to make me reach for it. It just isn't yet to that point where I <i>want</i> to hear it more than a bunch of other things.

A few on there that I do want to hear but probably won't before the end of this year.

Jim Clark
11-19-2004, 02:01 PM
The awful thing about these lists is that there are so many that I haven't heard or even heard of. Makes me wonder just how much I'm missing and that of course gets to the heart of the problem.

"Hi, my name is Jim and I'm a musicholic"

Still, some pretty good stuff not making that list although I'm heartened that I will have at least a little overlap. I've got Van Leer Rose on order through the library and I hope it arrives in time for me to consider it before the year is out!

Wish I had more tiempo, but I gotta go.

Thanks for posting this, the second I think, of many more to come.


Edit: The two lists I've seen surprise me not so much by what's included but l think there are some glaring ommisions, and no I don't mean Snow Patrol. I think that National EP is better than most of the full lengths I've heard this year. I can understand that since it is an EP that it would be removed from consideration by many. Serious oversight IMO. Equally bothering is the Arcade Fire ommision. I don't say this because I like it, but seriously Davey you and I both like it and that covers some serious ground there wouldn't you say? This release would appear to me to be a reviewers dream record and yet there's no mention on Amazon, partly due to the fact that I think this may very well be a sales skewed list, but the Uncut list missing it really caught me off guard. Hey, I recomened the Felix da Housecat record early in the year to those that might like a little decently presented New Wave, but come on Felix makes the list but no Arcade Fire. Somebody messed up.