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11-19-2004, 08:41 AM
Hi guys, I've been shopping around for MP3 players, and still do not know which one to get... Hope you can help me out on this...

What i'm looking for: Either
a flash-based USB 256MB or 512MB player, or
a Sony MD Player

My concerns are as follows (listed in order of priority):
Sound quality (the sound is very important to me).
Has FM Tuner.
Price (Preferably be cheaper)
Can double up as thumbdrive.

Some more background:
Most of my music are already in MP3 form. I have quite a number of CDs as well, but i can rip them to MP3, no problem, so you can take it that my music source are just MP3s.
I would want to listen to the MP3 player while running and working out, so a harddisk based one is out. (Do MD players have this problem?)

Sound quality is of utmost importance to me, and actually i've heard that MD players offer better sound quality. Is that true? But taking into account that if i use an MD player, my music source would still be from MP3s, would the MD player still offer better sound quality than a MP3 player?

The following are players that i've read recommendations about. If you have experience with them, perhaps you can give your take on them:
1. Jens of Sweden MP-300 (in Asia, D'Cube NMP-612T) - (Cons: Quite expensive)
2. JetAudio iAudio CW300 (Cons: Not sure if i can get this brand here where i am)
3. iRiver IFP Series (Cons: Not too sure about its sound quality)
4. MuVo X-Trainer (Cons: Doesn't have FM Tuner)

Would really appreciate advices!! Thanks in advance!! ;)

Thanks and Regards,


11-23-2004, 04:51 PM
I think your kinda stuck, afaik no products exist with your "requirements". But if your mostly focused on sound quality the Rio Karma and other rio products are very well done.

11-24-2004, 07:47 AM
I think your kinda stuck, afaik no products exist with your "requirements".

Hi, is that because there are few MP3 Players with good sound and an FM tuner?

BTW, What figures do I have to look out for as an indication of good sound quality? (signal-to-noise ratio? what others?)

Thanks and Regards,