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Jim Clark
11-17-2004, 01:34 PM
Didn't even know that Massive Attack had another album out although I recall Nobody mentioning that it was coming eventually. This time Danny The Dog, Original Movie Soundtrack. Pretty interesting in spots, especially with the whomping bass but it's varied enough to keep it interesting. Not a lot of songs per se, mainly little instrumental vignettes that I'm sure are appropriate to the storyboard. After 21 tracks I think it's safe to say that Danny isn't a friendly, loveable dog. FWIW, I don't think I can suggest that you run out and buy this (mine was impulse) unless you are a massive (no pun intended!) fan. I know one person that will for sure want to hear this and don't worry, you're covered.

A lot better was the Apostle of Hustle that I first listened to on a comp from Allears. Folkloric Feel is kind of like a Notwist, but with more of an edge and less pretty. Andrew Whitman (guitarist-BSS) recorded this with the help of other BSS members in a variety of places with a variety of methods. It's kind of fun to listen to which songs were recorded in a cathedral and which ones were in a bedroom. Aside from some clever production trickery, there are an abundance of really great tracks on this album. Much better than the short samples I listened to would leave me to believe. Stone, I don't know if you ended up going to the show but I'd guess you should have.

Looks like I got a little package from Pelv in the mail today. Gonna open that one up next.