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11-12-2004, 12:45 PM
This was copied from MySpace but it's damn funny. :D

The task was to come up with 5 emo band names.

1. Tears In A Tight Black T-Shirt (T.T.B.T.)
2. No Selfish Teem
3. Everytime I Beat Myself Up
4. Girls Never Call
5. The Saddest Scream

1. The Tears of Sorrow
2. Out of Prozac
3. Sexual Sweater
4. None More Black
5. Tear Stained Glasses, Thick as My Soul

Amanda G. (i can't resist)
1. twentygallonteardrop
2. !!! I Blame My Mother !!!
3. Suckerpuncher
4. *why*
5. No Trace of Irony

1) Boy.Sets.Tables
2) xcumXthenXcryx
3) Mainlining Tears
4) Hate you, Blame My Parents
5) Walt Whitman Was Gay

Dave Now!

1) The Bedheads
2) Thinner than You
3) Black and White Life
4) Forgetting the Future
5) I'm Going to Kill Myself (no really this time

1) wake up whining
2) sunshine on my shoulders makes me cry
3) does this scarf make me look dead?
4) ...and the hippos were boiled in their tanks
5) there, there