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Finch Platte
12-13-2003, 07:34 PM
Are you looking for something a little heavier, for a change? Here's a comp I've been working on for the last couple of days :p

Not many troll vocals, but there's quite a bit of hard rock, including a couple of new things (to me) from the past year, a couple of songs 'donated' by others (you know who you are), some older things from the vaults, and a couple of songs on there just because they fit. You know how that is.

Caution- the cover is rated 'R'. (Does the name of the comp give you a hint?)

Heavy Hangers

1) 210 Dog Years- One Minute Silence
2) Justice Keepers- Bad Brains
3) Disconnected- Celebrity
4) Hope- Deconstruction (thanks, Slosh)/Welcome To The Universe- 30 Seconds To Mars (thanks, Sony :( )
5) Nightmare City- Living Colour
6) Noise And Kisses-The Used
7) Now Or Never- Three Days Grace (thanks, Forever Autumn)
8) Herzeleid- Rammstein (thanks, Sir Vitriol- not of this board)
9) Mother Machine Gun- Mushroomhead
10) Excuse Me While I Kill Myself- Sentenced
11) As We Speak- Soilwork (thanks, Audiobill)
12) How It Goes- Hotwire
13) Reach Out - Twisted Method
14) Streamline- System of a Down
15) We Bury Our Dead At Dawn- The Agony Scene
16) Violence- Blink 182
17) Words That Kill- Die Trying
18) Whatever You Became- Cold
19) Sunny Day- Dave Navarro (thanks again, Slosh)
20) Breathless- 40 Below Summer

This comp might be appreciated on a long road trip to keep you awake, or to help you get out of a lease.

It's recorded on a Memorex CD-R Music disc, which has proven to be unacceptable to some folk's players (it plays on my 200-disc changer, it works in my car and it works in my ghetto blaster). If it doesn't work for you, it just wasn't meant to be. And for that, you might be grateful.