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11-03-2004, 03:16 PM
Jack70's latest editions of the Timemasheen arrived unexpectedly a week ago. Many thanks! Of the 5 disks in the package, 4 of them are huge winners.

The Scandinavian Acid Rock is highly entertaining with many parallel sounds to familliar Brittish and American rock. I hear some Jimmi, Uriah Heap, and many others.

I could almost swear, Gordon put the Yellow Jazz set together just for me. I couldn't ask for more.....3 full disks of foot tappin' music with a scant bit of vocals. I am loving these 3 for sure.

Sorry "Singer/Songwriter" genre doesn't float my boat. I do like the fact that the songs are of the live nature. Somehow I just can't seem to listen to more than a few minutes of Richard Thomson's voice. I know (Jack70) is a huge fan of Ammie Mann by his extensive coverage on his way cool website.

Again, thanks for the latest installments of the Timemasheen. By the way, where do you find this rare music?


11-05-2004, 04:42 AM
First, thanks for the Overplayer comp... I had 4-5 of the things there, but enjoyed the Filipak & Metheny cuts.

My comp 18 wasn't ALL Scandinavian stuff... it's got a few in there, but it's more from Germany & behind the Iron Curtain (Poland etc).

By the way, where do you find this rare music?
I grew up with it. My whole intent to comping is to re-assemble a tiny bit of the stuff I've accumulated over the years, being a collector. Someday, done the road I have 1000+ alternative/punk 45s from the late 70's-mid-80's, many I've never got around to hearing. But I've got a lots of other junk to get to first... LOL. BTW, it was my Vol-15 comp that was ALL Scandinavian stuff... not hard rock like 18, but early Progressive stuff. I got good feedback on that from others (non-RR), but I guess that's cause there ain't any prog lovers here... LOL.

Glad you enjoyed the jazz stuff. I wasn't sure who would appreciate that, so I didn't send many out here. I still may offer it up here later on, but I only visit here occasionally these days. I think a lot of those cuts stand better by themselves, rather than going through a whole disc etc.

Most people actually like the R Thompson stuff. I actually think his voice improved dramatically over the years. And he's a great guitarist too. The last 2 cuts on that live comp are pretty special IMO... but you need to be in the right mood, and use headphones. It's not uptempo "fun" stuff, being that Elliott killed himself shortly after recording that cut.

So much for the SI curse huh?