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12-12-2003, 11:38 AM
While browsing through my local Sam Ash store with guitar strings in hand I came upon the piano section. Digital that is. I sat down to see how the piano played and sounded. To my astonishment it sounded amazingly realistic. Then after looking for the built in speakers I found there were none. The sound was coming from a pair of Tannoy Proto J Professional Monitors. All the way from the bottom octave to the top octave each note sounded amazingly similar in loudness and timbre. After visiting Tannoy's web page and viewing the anechoic response graphs of this speaker I was shown real proof that a speakers flatness is very important. And the speaker had a soft dome tweeter. I don't want to start a metal dome vs. soft dome war but these were exceptionally smooth and detailed at the same time. No etchiness. When I heard these bookshelves there was no tinniness, no glare. And I verified that the keyboard tone controls were flat as well. Not bad for $300 bookshelves.

Here's the link. You might have to click around to find the Tannoy Proto J model.