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12-11-2003, 12:37 PM
It is time for me to upgrade my dvd player and move my old early second generation DVD (Teac 2107) from the HT room to a secondary viewing room. I am looking for suggestions that will allow for my system's future growth. The unit will be 90%HT and 10%music. (I know many frown on combining the 2 uses but given the limited listening time I have 2 separate equipment investments are not practical). I would hate to close myself out of any formats, (CDR, VCD, SACD, DVD-A etc.). Also I have small children and their disks get watched over and over and handled with sticky fingers so minor scratching occurs therefore I need a player that is not tempermental.

I currently am using a 36" Sony but plan to move to a projection system in the next 2-4 years (ok, maybe 3-5 years). Rest of system is B&K with DefTech speakers.

It's been too long since I've done much research and am feeling out of the loop. Please help bring me and my system up to speed.

12-11-2003, 01:41 PM
I'd give a serious look at the Pioneer DV-563A. For the price ($179), it gives a lot of options, including DVD-Audio and SACD playback. It also does MP3 and WMA playback.

I don't own one, so I can't give a 1st hand review. But it is the best priced of the universal players.