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10-10-2004, 10:02 AM
Alpha Audio Pte Ltd.
1 Rochor Canal Road
#01-48 Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504

If anyone is reading this and is considering purchasing hi-fi components in Singapore, I would advise them to exercise caution if they wish to purchase from ALPHA AUDIO. They claim that defective items could be returned within 7 days for a 1-to-1 exchange. What turned out in my case was I wanted an exchange for an item I bought which had a dent out-of-the-box. When I brought it back the next day, they refused to take it and claimed I had damaged it--so much for their return policy. To me, that is totally unethical. I have already filed a report with the Consumer Association of Singapore and am considering litigation against this retailer. Well, fortunately my other HT components are working fine for three months now, but I have no doubt that had the same scenario occurred, they would also say I broke it. :mad:

Singapore is a great place for deals, but you do have to be careful because some retailers give lip service to defective product returns.

02-21-2012, 01:43 AM
I also went to Sim Lim Square and i had the misfortune to be ripped off by P C Geeks. I went to them with a request for a Hp part. I supplied them with the part number and was sold the wrong part by them. They refused to refund the money despite me asking repeatedly if the part that they gave me was the right one. I feel that I was lied to by them and that as a tourist they saw a quick way to make money. There are honest traders in Sim Lim city, but Pc geeks are not one of them avoid them.