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Mr Peabody
10-09-2004, 12:36 PM
I put getting Red 13 off for a long time because I didn't think 4 songs for $8.00 to $9.00 was a very good value and I think that, along with no radio play, probably hurt this EP. I had some credit to spend and decided to pick it up. I was very impressed with all the songs and hope an album may follow of this calibur. Tracks 2 & 3 could have easily been the next Journey hits if given the chance. This sound is somewhat new but still Journey, more like older Journey, the songs are longer and more involved than the later hits. The band is really performing well on this EP and the production, done by Schon and Cain, is better than any previous Journey album.

Augeri had some big shoes to fill and it's time to give Journey a break. He isn't Perry but who is, and Augeri is quite a bit better than most I hear today. Should Journey toss in the towel because Perry left? There were 3 Journey albums before Perry, although none had the recognition that the Perry albums did, and Perry returned to the band for an album after Augeri and it tanked along with the albums Augeri had done with them. Were these efforts that bad? I don't know because they didn't get much air play and I am guilty as well as most old Journey fans of not caring. Red 13 has me excited about Journey again because it shows they still have the talent and ability to put out some good music.

Anyone who is an original Journey fan and Santana might want to also pick up Abraxas Pool. It is a Greg Rollie/Neal Schon collaboration. I like this album a lot.