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10-04-2004, 04:14 PM
Aloha to all....

This is my first post go easy on me...I'm still taking my vey FIRST steps in the world of A/V

I have just purchased a Yamaha RX-V540 reciever for my living room (newly married!!) and was hoping to pair it with a good set of speakers... Its about 20ft x 15ft

Here are my options:
1- Bose acoustimass 6...didnt like how they sounded

2- JBL SCS178....nice..

3- Infinity Primus HCS....nice....

My mind is torn between the JBL and infinity sets...however there is one difference i noticed...the nominal impedence on the JBLs is 4ohm and on the Infinity is 8ohms....

The infinity are $100 more expensive...

i read somewhere on these forums that the LOWER the impedence the BETTER the speaker?? true??

Secondly...does the Yamaha RX-V540 support either the 8 or 4 ohm impedence??

Lastly...i could not reach any info on the Infinity sub powered or not??

P.S. Please do not suggest ANY other speaker brands...I know there are some really much better brands...but these are the ONLY brands I have where I live...

And in case anyone tells me it all depends on how i like the speakers and how they would very much help to get some expert listeners' opinion...


10-04-2004, 11:35 PM

10-05-2004, 07:39 AM
For the record I just bought a pair of the Infinity Primus 360's for my fronts and have them hooked into the Yamaha 550 and they sound fantastic. Since you are already looking for a sub I would definitely look into getting the Infinity's. The JBL's go a little deeper in the bass region but the speakers in my opinion are too boomy and do not even come close to the infinity in terms of clarity. So if you are looking for a HTIB I would say the Infinity is your better bet.