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10-03-2004, 11:47 PM
I know we have done this time after time.Bose overprised ,suck.Better Of Spending Elsewhere.I am a nuetral.. i dont own a bose i am happy with my setup. I know most of the guys reading this will have a fair knowledge of speakers around and really want to contribute to the No Bose movement .Fair enough i know there are better speakers than bose and will continue to be. But i have one question which still remains unanswered by you guys.Do u hate bose cause their AM/jewel cubes suck or u hate all the speakers of bose. Well let talk of the 301s.They are in the 5Th generation. i personally feel they are a good buy. They may have less bass but believe me i havent seen ne Bookselves that size doin that giving the price. Forget the part that the cabinet is cheap and speakers made in India/China. It does pack a punch for $324.

I know that bose is one of the best marketed speakers around. Well i earn my money hard and most of the others do too. people before buying them will definitely hear them yet i wonder why they commit the mistake again.There has to be more to the bose that a gimmick and the name. The 301 is in the 5Th generation. It need to have something to survive since 1976.I personally feel that Bose 301 is a good buy. Its have a good power. The bass sound muddy but u cant compare it with a B&w and Kef towers. All bookselves sound muddy in the bass.The bose 301 have i feel a good high response. People say they are tonicaly distorted cause of the direct/reflect technology. Well believe me only one out of 30 people will notice that .

So i guess i ended up raving about the 301s. Well ya they are good and if u want more bass buy a sub. For the price i feel they are good. I hope people will have contrasting opinions of the Bose 301.Hoping to hear them.

10-04-2004, 02:15 AM
Well i dont hate BOSE. If there woudnt be a post everynow and then saying "BOSE is the BEST" <--Hey if that didnt happen i would loose a lot of fun ;)

N. Abstentia
10-04-2004, 05:29 AM
I think the main reason that knowledgeable people don't like Bose is because they are not a speaker company. They are a marketing company that happens to sell speakers.

My first hand experience with Bose is that they are way overpriced. If the $1500 Acoustimass system was $99 I would probably have a set for the bedroom. But as it is, my $189 Paradigm Atoms shred the Acoustimass systems in every way possible.

10-04-2004, 05:56 AM
Ok personally, I don't like Bose because it is so easy to do better for less money. Having sold Bose and a few other brands of speakers, I can tell you that their cube systems rarely, if ever, come out on top in A/B comparisons. You go to a Bose showroom and listen for what the salesperson tells you to listen for and you just might walk out with a set. You put them next to most any Sub Sat system from a speaker company like Polk, Infinity, Monitor...etc. And the only thing that stands out is their tiny size. They are quite easy to hide. Now in most cases this seemed to be due to the powered subs most systems come with. The Bose systems claim to have a powered sub, but it really seems more like mid-bass maybe. Often times the Highs are a bit lacking as well, not to mention detail too.

As far as their bookshelf and floor standers, well I pretty much have the same feelings. The sound they produce is not always bad, it simply is never special. Yes the 201's and 301's are fair speakers, but you could do just a bit better for about the same price. In some cases they happen to fit really well because of their shape versus a more traditional speaker. The direct reflecting design gives them a sort of wrap around feel that I think works really well in an ambiant sense. A friend and I once used a whole bunch of them for a restaurant and they worked great. For me they never really seemed to be a good step in any direction I wanted to go. They don't provide any clear upgrade path, esp for Ht. I mean come on, their center sounds really bad, even for them.

Now the Lifestyle systems, I think have a place. If I were suggesting a system for someone who didn't want anything too complicated, I would without question bring up one of these. It comes with a huge diagram for wiring the whole thing. It is very easy to use for most people and the remote is RF, so I don't have to keep telling grandma to point it at the receiver or dvd player. These systems simply are built for a different customer than what most of us on this board are. The bose customer doesn't want to audition every single piece of their system separately. They want a simple single purchase.

10-04-2004, 07:38 AM
O my god...i'm form the netherlands..overthere i'm member of different forums for a long time now. Everytime theres a ass-wipe who opens these kinds of topics. Do'nt you people understand that your upsetting the people who like bose!! To tell you the truth i had the 301,901,901sII these speakers were very nice to come around with. And yes there are better speakers and yes the are overpriced...thats why i don't own them anymore.

But these kind of topics are useless...consider this that there are more companys that are to expensive. To name some of these companys

Siltech [is dutch btw :D ]

And so you really think that for instance a b&w nautilus of 60000 is not overpriced??! Or a genesis 130000? Or a siltech cable of 2000bucks?!? nooow thats all normal because thats quality heh....whahahah you people make me laugh. Really Everything is overpriced...what i have to i own siltech cables as well as audioquest and mit ectra..

What im trying to say is just respect the people who happen to like bose ladys and gents...because the **** we own is overpriced to... ;)

10-04-2004, 08:01 AM
I agree thats why i own Magnepan :p especially B&W

N. Abstentia
10-04-2004, 01:36 PM
I'm starting to get a strong feeling that Lord Magepan likes Magnepan speakers. Am I alone here?

10-04-2004, 02:54 PM
Well its so hard to explain. I listened to Avalon, Kharma, B&W (not special to my ears), Infinity, Paradgim, Rega and many more. But Maggies just sound right to me. And for the money they are extremely hard to beat, if there is a speaker that beats a 3.6 or 20.1 overall at all.



I'm starting to get a strong feeling that Lord Magepan likes Magnepan speakers. Am I alone here?

<b>Is that a crime ;) </b>

10-04-2004, 03:00 PM
Although the responces have been very good, I can't let threads with names like this one continue. If we let this stay then the next one might be; "Join in all Planar haters", or even "Join in all A/N haters!" Please feel free to continue this thread under another name.