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10-03-2004, 08:26 PM
When I blew my original budget for a complete HT re-do, I went with a less than comparable (to my other speakers) 125 watt KLH powered sub. I know... Anyway, I'm driving Infinity Alpha 50's as mains and Alpha 40's as surrounds (that's what blew it, I was gonna use 130's instead of the 40's) with an H/K AVR130. I have the sub connected with a quality sub cable to the (R) low level mono input, cross over set to 40hz on the sub and cross over on the receiver set to 40hz. Is this okay so far? I prefer tighter, bass that's not boomy, and I mainly listen to music. This system is in a 15x28 room with lower ceilings. Also, as an experiment, I opened up the sub and proceeded to pack it with alot more of that padding stuff they use in there to see what would happen. Well the sub is much less boomy, and I would say even tighter and a little more refined, but it also seems like it needs to be pushed a little more since the extra padding. Does this sound right? Should I not have done this? I'm afraid I'm lacking a little in the subwoofer settings department. I do use an SPL meter to configure my receiver, and this really helps, and I have bi-wired my mains, and couldn't believe the difference that has made, but this sub is troubling me.

I know this one's kinda lenghthy, but would definitely appreciate any help at all on this.

Thanks for your input!!!

10-04-2004, 01:16 AM
I stuffed a rag in my prosub100tl and that tightened up the bass a lot. I also have to turn up the sub volume to get the same volume as when I didn't do that. Placement is probably the biggest issue (besides the performance of the sub itself) when dealing with subs. Good placement can make a good sub sound great, bad placement can make a good sub sound boomy. You may want to try moving the sub around (if you haven't already) to see where it sounds best.