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10-01-2004, 04:59 PM
There must be a simple answer to my dilemma. I have a pair of Advent Wireless Headphones that are a real help dealing with competing audio in a family. One can hook them up either through the headphone jack, or through an audio out connection. Audio out is much better because the volume of the headphones is not dependent on the volume control on the receiver, the speakers can be muted with no effect, and there is no permanent cord sticking out the front of the receiver. I hooked them up to the unused Video 2 Audio out connection. Great.

The only problem is that DVD audo will not play through the headphones because of the copy protection of the DVD throughput. It is my only unused audio out connection (others are for video 1 and Tape/MD).

Any thoughts on how to solve this without using the headphone connection?

Thanks so much.