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10-01-2004, 12:05 PM
I have what i would consider an unusual problem. I have an old archaic floor furnace in my living room where my home theater is. the problem is with the sub in that my floor furnace will rattle when i crank the volume up on a movie or music.at first i thought it was the grill on the furnace, so i took it off and i still get the rattle. actually its more of a squeak. can i line the outer frame with dynamat extreme like the car stereo people do to reduce noise?
the home is 100 years old and changing the furnace is not a viable option. would the dynamat extreme be able to take the heat? the actual furnace sits in an outer frame and i want to line the inside and or the outside of the frame to reduce or eliminate the rattle. its not bad but enough to make my system sound like it has a blown woofer which it doesnt. BTW my system has been calibrated using an SPL meter and a test disk so i know the settings are correct.
any suggestions ?