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09-30-2004, 05:55 AM
When setting speakers - small or large? I have 5 in ceiling Speakercraft Aim and a Speakercraft Bass10X. I have set it both ways and believe I prefer the sound using small but wanted to ask for any advice.

With this new receiver, had to set the crossover from the preset 80 to 60, apply the tone defeat, to get close to what I had with my Yamaha DXV595 and still does not feel as full on both ends as with the Yamaha. A little empty...

Most of my use is audio rather than video and not sure the Denon is giving me what I am used to or want. Could there be that big of a difference between the Denon and Yamaha?

One note for Denon - besides looking great, it is easy to use and I noticed a huge difference in the audio portion of a movie DVD I was watching - much clearer than the older Yamaha and I heard separation like never before. Perhaps the new Yamaha ()IE RXV550) will give me what I need musically and for DVD movies? I am using either a Denon 1910 or a Yamaha DVDS1500 - haven't decided both having Faroudja technology so good players.