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Jim Clark
09-28-2004, 10:53 AM
Some good tracks here and others that didn't quite live up to my hopes. A couple of things, first I already mentioned that I dislike having the track list on the disc. Makes it difficult to know what I'm listening to. Minor gripe but the disc label is surely more expensive so I don't see the need. Secondly, I couldn't rip this disc using EAC. Again, no biggie but KEXPMF wanted a copy and it was tough to accomodate for some reason. In the end I just burned using Nero's "Copy Disc" function and I kept that one not knowing if it really worked. It seems to be just fine. Maybe the crossfades are causing ripping problems? Again, no biggie.

01. DJ Shadow / Intro Cool intro but gets a little bit long diverse enough track keeps it interesting.
2. Dust / Dead Cowboys My favorite track on the disc. Haunted electronic country rock song. This hits me just right. I see AMG called this "A truly devasting debut". jc likes
03. Unkle / What Are You To Me Second favorite song on the disc. Great thumping bass line supporting gorgeous floating melodies. Killer track, on second thought this might be my favorite from the disc.

04. DJ Nobody / Fiend or the Fix What the heck happened? The first three set me up for bliss only to run head first into this wall of rap.
05. Diverse / Blindman I've got it cranked in the truck and I'm getting odd looks. Feeling pretty silly about the whole thing.
06. Lyrics Born / The Last Trumpet As far as rap goes, this is better than the other two. A touch of Avalanche type sampling makes this vastly more interesting. Tolerable, and maybe even enjoyable if it weren't for the previous two.
07. Four Tet / Parks I've got this. I play this. I like this.
08. Sweet Trip / Velocity Kind of atmospheric electronica along the lines of Air. Enjoy this track as well. Good selection.
09. Double U / There s A Chance I'm just luke warm on this one. I like some stuff similar to this, Four Tet falls into that category but it just never really draws me in or ignites my imagination.
10. Anti-Pop Consortium / Splinter When did you get so big into rap? Don't like this one although the bass is slamming. Maybe that's why you like it so much.
11. DJ Shadow / Outro I only have the first DJ Shadow Album which I never pull out, this seems like a logical extension of that. Pretty cool I guess.

Seemed like a short comp, probably because after a while I'd just skip the rap tracks. I feel like I gave them a fair shot but it's just a type of music that doesn't speak to me, at least not on a level I want to deal with. Thanks for the comp, I know postage from halfway around the world isn't cheap but I like listening to your comps. As usual, there are some stellar cuts to be heard here.


09-28-2004, 09:20 PM
Sorry about the label on the disc but I was tired and hadn't used the software for the best part of a year and I couldn't remember how to do the things I wanted so did what I could...

When did I get so big into Rap? It's Hip Hop, gotta get the terminology right and I'm sorry that you were getting odd looks in the truck :-) Can you decipher the lyrics because these are all worth listening to? Maybe I've just listened to so much that I'm tuned in now. I come at Hip Hop from an exceedingly oblique angle via Electronica and Trip Hop which were my first ports of call. Most of the RnB flavoured fluff and pretty much all the gangsta stuff doesn't interest me but around the fringes of the underground and off into Prefuse 73, Four Tet territory or around Manitoba is where I'm expecting big things, well hoping anyway.

I'm glad you liked the Dust track, it's very representative of the album. I thought it might have put everybody to sleep but instead it was the DJ nobody track. The UNKLE album was disappointing overall, great sounds and production but weak tunes, this is probably the pick of them.

I kind of agree with you about the Double U but that's from exactly the area that I'm most interested in so it stays :-)

Thanks for the thoughts.

Regards, Chris.