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09-26-2004, 11:48 PM
The latest comp by Jim arrived in my postbox about a week ago and with just one track on it that I already own there was some exploring to be done.

Starts off with a roar with the Trashcan Sinatras which scores a definite hit with me as do the first four tracks, TS, Josh Rouse, Snow Patrol (three tracks by them on this comp of which the first two are good but the last one, Chocolate, fades a bit IMHO) and Modest Mouse (which is the album I've got so I defrinitely like that).

The Xiu Xiu and Meow Meow tracks are not immediately appealing but may grow on me. this is followed up by the comps only Hip Hop track which is OK but not startling. Lali Puna's - Small Things sounds promising but never really amounts to much.

The Reindeer Section scores another definite hit with Cartwheels, have to listen to that some more. Twilight Babies was... not my cup of tea but Bright Eyes rescued things somewhat and then we're back on the right track again with the Trashcan Sinatras.

The Moonbabies didn't move me but Mission of Burma was pretty good and the Libertines are really growing on me. I can see the reason for the buzz they've been generating.

The Mooney Suzuki - Messin In The Dressin Room, this track sucks major moose schlong and tragically blows Jim's steadily accumulating Indie Hipster Elitist Brownie points completely out of the water, leaving them a smouldering ruin somewhere in Kansas City ;-) (after completing this post I'm going to search out some truly scathing reviews of this so I can nod my head and feel truly wise whilst polishing my Indie Cred)

Lou Reeds - Blind Rage only succeeds in sounding slightly pissed off but The Secret Machines sounds interesting indeed (I've managed to order a bunch of these albums from the library for furter investigation, this is one of them).

The comp winds up with a trio of gradually diminishing efforts from West Indian Girl (which is OK) the weakest Snow Patrol track and Starsailor...

Lots of interesting stuff on here Jim, thanks for taking the time to send me a copy.

Regards, Chris.

Jim Clark
09-27-2004, 06:28 AM
Two folks have already mentioned that I screwed up somewhere along the line with the track list. Must have been some last minute editing that I never compensated for. Looks like you managed to work your way through it though.

Can't believe that nobody likes that Meow Meow track, even though that's just about the lamest band name of all time. It's my favorite from the comp which only goes to show tha I spend a great deal of time off in my own little world.

Confession time-the Mooney Suzuki was a last minute entry and bumped what I figured to be a superior KVLR track. I was trying to appeal to the masses (all 4 who asked for a copy!). J really liked the album, far more than I did but I figured I was wrong on this one. I do like the track I included but it's really the only one I really like much at all so you can imagine what you'd think of the rest of the album. BTW, from what I've heard I don't think finding a negative review will be all that tough to do. I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention that moose schlong is probably considered a delicacy somewhere!

Well, I'm glad you're able to milk the library for some more toons. Thanks for taking the time to listen and write.


09-27-2004, 09:58 AM
A brief overview of JC's comp according to me. And if there's 3 Snow Patrol songs the tracklisting which came with my copy doesn't mention it. Here's how it was listed on my copy.

1. Trashcan Sinatras - Welcome Back. Good song. Nice start.
2. Josh Rouse - Suburban Sweetheart. Okay. Nuthin' special.
3. Snow Patrol - Wow. This was decent. I like.
4. Modest Mouse - The World At Large. No like. Can't stand those whiney vocals.
5. Xiu Xiu - I Love The Valley Oh. Truly awful. Horrible vocals. Yuck.
6. Meow Meow - The Killing Kind. Dumb name for a male band but a good song. I could do without those irrating noisey guitar bits or whatever the heck they were playing.
7. Headset - Grasping Claw. Uh.....NO. Don't like rap.
8. Lali Puna - Small Things. No like. Quiet breathy femme vocals are not my thing. A very boring song.
9. Reindeer Section - Cartwheels. I like this song too.
10. Twilight Babies - Holiday. Okay. Femme vocals are really not my favorite but the song had a good beat.
11. Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Hate To Love. Not bad. Vocal guy is a bit off key but I'm guessing that's how indie bands are suppose to sound.
12. Trashcan Sinatras - All The Dark Horses. I liked this song as well. May have to look into this band.
13. Moonbabies - Crime O' The Moon. Good song. Nice indie pop. The cello was a nice touch.
14. Mission Of Burma - Wounded World. The hardest rockin' song on this comp. Punk inspired I'd say. Pretty darn good actually. I like it.
15. The Libertines - The Man Who Would Be King. Hey, wasn't this a movie or something. Decent song I guess. Not one of my favorites here.
16. Mooney Suzuki - Messin' In The Dressin' Room. I like this song. I guess Jay and I are going to be the only ones around here that like this album.
17. Lou Reed - Blind Rage. The sounds of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard has a more pleasant sound. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh but I just can't think of one nice thing to say about this mess. I guess I'm not much of a Lou Reed fan. His musical direction always seemed wayyy out there for my liking.
18. Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led. Their new album has been raved about several times on this board and this is the first opportunity for me to hear anything from it. Let's just say that I liked this song well enough to want to hear more.
19. Snow Patrol - Chocolate. No like this one.
20. West Indian Girl - Hollywood. No like this one either.
21. Starsailor - Music Was Saved. S'Okay. Nuthin' special.

It would appear that maybe tracks 19 and 20 are reversed?!?

The two songs by the Trashcan Sinatras were quite good. What album did they come from Jim?

That Moonbabies track was another favorite for me.

Think I'll look into the Secret Machines.

I really liked the Mission Of Burma track as well although I probably wouldn't buy any of their albums.

Thanks again for sending me this copy Jim. All in all this is not my favorite style of music, and I knew that going in, but I did try to keep an open mind. I like the exposure to different things. Anyhoo, there's some worthwhile things here Jim that just may cause me to break out my wallet.


Jim Clark
09-27-2004, 11:04 AM
Darren, while there are in fact 2 Snow Patrol songs (my fave of the year so far, hence 2 tracks) the Reindeer Section is led by Gordon Lightbody of Snow Patrol. I had just purchased that album right before making the comp and couldn't resist adding on of those stellar tracks to the mix. Hope that clears up any confusion.

The Trashcan Sinatras is a very non-prolific Britpop band that features that jangly sound that more than likely originated with the Soft boys in the early 80's. That particular album is called Weightlifting and was released a few weeks ago.

I think you'd really like the Secret Machines but the styles are reasonably varied. Almost proggish in many regards but I swear I hear familar strains of Led Zepplin in a track 2 and a touch of Peter Gabriel in the later tracks. Overall an enjoyable album that was appealed to a wider variety of people around here than most records this year.

I was more than happy to include you in the mailing and appreciate your taking the time to jot some comments down. Sorry it didn't hit more buttons for you but I was aware going in that it wasn't going to be a fave of yours! I like to hear new stuff too and sometimes you just never know.


09-28-2004, 03:30 PM
As I started listening to this comp I thought. Wow, this is 100% my taste in music (some of it I already had OR it was on my list of things to get).
These 1st four songs are my favorites of the comp. Maybe I was overwhelmed/overhyped by how much I was loving the 1st 4 tracks.... :D

1. Trashcan Sinatras - Welcome Back.
2. Josh Rouse - Suburban Sweetheart - (hadn't heard this before but I love it!)
3. Snow Patrol - Wow (probably my 2nd favorite after Spitting Games)
4. Modest Mouse - The World At Large

5. Xiu Xiu - I Love The Valley GOOD ONE
6. Meow Meow - The Killing Kind.
7. Headset - Grasping Claw THIS SONG IS GREAT FROM ABOUT :45 TO ABOUT 1:45. Absolutely GREAT. Reminds me of Cibo Matto, this part. Now as for the first :45, not that interesting but not bad. After 1:45, the rap begins. I like some rap but this is not rap that is very good to me.
8. Lali Puna - Small Things - Vocals are ok - but she's no Cat Power.
9. Reindeer Section - Cartwheels. ANYTHING BY ANYONE FROM SNOW PATROL, I'm bound to like :)
10. Twilight Babies - Holiday - The lonnnng intro of this song kinda loses me but then it's ok. I like it a bit more after 2:00.
11. Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Hate To Love THIS IS A GREAT ONE AND IT'S GROWING ON ME even more.
12. Trashcan Sinatras - All The Dark Horses GOOD ONE
13. Moonbabies - Crime O' The Moon - happy music, like Polyphonic Spree. Weee!
14. Mission Of Burma - Wounded World - the recording isn't that good, like Lou.
15. The Libertines - The Man Who Would Be King GREAT ONE. I read an article that described these guys as an absolute, drunken, partying mess of a band. I can imagine that listening to this. Great song for sure!
16. Mooney Suzuki - Messin' In The Dressin' Room - I like this song and can see what J sees in them. I could listen to this and guess that J is into it. Good one for my 'rock' night DJ gigs.
17. Lou Reed - Blind Rage - I like Lou. This song came out quiet. It's ok.
18. Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led GOOD ONE what's up with that intro though? I could do without that.
ACTUAL 19 (NOT 20) West Indian Girl - Hollywood LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Yet again a band I heard first on KEXP
ACTUAL 20 (NOT 19) Snow Patrol - Chocolate LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Man, Jim you missed a damn fine concert last week. Jim went but it sold out right before he got there. But I know you'll see them next time come hell or high water!
21. Starsailor - Music Was Saved. ONE of the better Starsailor songs. Some people don't like that voice but I've always liked this band. Been going to their shows since they were a wee band with not too many fans. So I've gotten attached to them. I hear they are nice people too.

Don't do that tracks swapping thing JC! That's confusing! :confused:
You tryin to throw us a curve? haha :cool:

09-28-2004, 08:39 PM
Confession time-the Mooney Suzuki was a last minute entry and bumped what I figured to be a superior KVLR track.jc

:-) Ahh Grasshopper, when that still quiet voice tells you "this sucks moose schlong" listen to it always!

Anyways it's all just opinions... and everybody knows how much they're worth. I just don't like humorous music. At least I'm assuming it's supposed to be an affectionate pisstake.. if they're serious about this then it wouldn't be possible to heap the ridicule high enough.

Ooops sorry about the claim for three Snow Patrol tracks, I must've added in the second Sinatra's track by mistake. I get confused lots.

Still a good comp... sheesh look at the crap my ones gotta take!