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09-20-2004, 06:59 PM
I've got this pal who just moved, and his new living room setup makes his floorstanding Infinity 3ways impossible. So I've been helping him find and audition different wall hanging speakers. We've tried Martin Logan Frescos and Magnepan MMG W's. He wasn't blown away by either speaker...well the ML's are perfect size and looks wise, but not impressive sound in both our estimations, and the Maggys were incredible sounding when positioned exactly perfect and we were in the right part of the room. He's still considering the Maggys, but he's still not sold...nor am I. I found some zillion dollar Legacy wall hanging speakers on the net today. But alas, my search is running dry.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I suppose the budget would be under 2k, but preferably as good as possible without compromising sound quality too much.

09-20-2004, 07:45 PM
If the Martin Logans and Maggies aren't his cup of tea, maybe he should try the Klipsch, Paradigm, and/or Def Tech on-wall speakers. Those will probably provide a lot more punch, and at least give him a reference point for speakers that are typically voiced differently than the MLs and Maggies.

If he's in the price range of the Martin Logan Frescos and looking something more refined than the Klipsch or Paradigm on-walls, then he should try out the Vienna Acoustics Schonberg or Webern wall-mounts. Those are voiced a little punchier than their standmount and floorstanding models, but they are very nice overall and seem to avoid resonant interactions with the wall pretty well. Tweeter and Magnolia both carry this lineup.

09-20-2004, 08:32 PM
Great, we'll look at what Paradigm and Def Tech has to offer. Thanks for the info Woochifer.

My friend doesn't like the Klipsch sound so their wallhangers are out of the picuture. I recommended those to him earlier, but we never got to an audition.

I guess I should have also noted that this is for music and HT, 50/50 usage. He'd like to pay as little as possible...the Maggies are so appealing because they are 300 a pair which is just insane.