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09-18-2004, 08:28 PM
Hi everybody,

Well, I am brodering on throwing my Pronto Neo in the nearest trash dumpster. I downloaded a few files from remote that supposedly allow you to permanently do away with the annoying device startup page, and allow you to change the order of pages, etc. After hours of frustration my programming finally kept, and I made two backup copies justin case. I saved the programming before sending it to the pronto and it reverted all three copies back to my standard programming. Am I using these programs incorrectly, or are they useless? I give up.

I am seriously coinsidering an MX-700 hard byutton remote control. Is this remote compatible with Lutron Spacer systems? Otherwise, it seems like a much simpler solution without all of the programming bugs of the pronto. Are there any devices out there thatyou can use in conjuction with your home theater to make on/off macros easier. For example, lets say your listening to your cd player. The "all off* macro would turn off the receiver and Cd player as it should, but turn everything else on which defeats the purpose. Is there a device that can sense this sort of thing so that "all on" and "all off" macros work properly?

Finally, I am buying (paying for) an RMB1066 6x60 watt amplifier to run off of a Denon AVR-2802 to power my vienna acoustics. My plan is to bridge it so that it can be 3 x150wpc for the fronts and center, and then purchase their 2 channel amp later on for the back channels. However, I have read a few places that even though the amp can be briged, sometimes audible distortion and changes in output can occur. I have listened to their two channel amp on many occasions and love it. My other option is to throw in alittle more cash next week and do their full 5 channel amp. Is anyone doing a similar setup? Any thoughts?

I apologize for the long post, but you guys always give some pretty great feedback. Thanks in advance.