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09-18-2004, 05:22 AM
Hi there

I am sufferring from a ear infection since the last 3-4months .My left ear starts hurting if i hear any loud sound/headphones/talk for long on the phone..Here is how it started..

I bought a pair of Bose headphones(Tripost) about 4 months back. I listened to them for about 15 days..sometimes on high volumes and then my left ear began to hurt on listening to music/talking on phone etc..In general my left ear has become more sensitive to any sound and is very irritating..I stopped listening to the headphones after that but the condition has not improved..

I have taken 2 courses of antibiotics but the condition has not improved...

I am very hastled now and it would be great if you could share something that might be of help. I would appreciate if you keep the 'bose bashing' aside as i already have the first hand experience.

Warm regards,