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09-17-2004, 03:12 AM

I am currently looking for a mini system and have come up with three choices. I live in australia so obviously prives could be a bit different. Anyway i basically want a reasonably powerful system that can hold a few CDs, and has line in and out...but ideally a USB connection so I can connect my PC. I realise I can still use line in on a system for this but USB has a few featrues which seem attractive. So here is what i have come up with. THey are all around the same price (in $AU):

Sony 3CD, 100Wx2+100W SUBWOOFER MINI SYSTEM MHCRG440: se&productId=MHCRG440&categoryId=22044,LHS1.jsp?textview=false&productId=MHCRG440,MENUITEM1]Click Here ( se&productId=MHCRG440&categoryId=22044,LHS1.jsp?textview=false&productId=MHCRG440,MENUITEM1)

Sony 60 DISC CHANGER HIFI SYSTEM MHCGSX75: Click Here ( se&productId=MHCGSX75&categoryId=22044,LHS1.jsp?textview=false&productId=MHCGSX75,MENUITEM7)

Philips MP3 Mini Hi-Fi System: Click Here ( sumer%26fh_location%3D%2F%2Fconsumer%2Fen_AU%2Fcat egories%3Ccatalog_au_consumer%2Fcategories%3Chome_ audio_video_gr_au_consumer%2Fcategories%3Caudio_sy stems_ca_au_consumer%26&productId=FWM589_30_AU_CONSUMER&activeCategory=HOME_AUDIO_VIDEO_GR_AU_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&language=en&country=AU&catalogType=CONSUMER&proxybuster=4T4UEU3TM35DHJ0RMRESHP3HKFSEKI5P)

Thanks for any help you can give...and if you can suggest any other choices (remembering its in Aus dollars) then that would be great.

09-17-2004, 10:33 PM
Sorry, I don't understand your need to connect to computer with a mini-system. Is it because you want to record and edit the music? If so then you would simply use cd rom on your computer. Please clarify.
Anyways unless things have changed in the last year or so I can't recall seeing a mini-system with a USB connection. Even having an output is an extra.

09-18-2004, 02:01 AM
Basically the USB port (You can see it on the Philips model i posted) is plugged into the computer. It probably comes with software to allow it to intereact with music programs...i think it may interact with MusicMatch Jukebox. Basically you play an mp3 on your computer and it plays it through the steroe. Yes you can do this with just a plain output but you change songs on the computer. USB allows you to use a remote to tell the stereo to go to the next song and that tells the computer to skip songs etc. Click the philips minisystem link to get an idea about what it is.

09-18-2004, 06:33 AM
Thanks. I wasn't aware of that new feature. Unless you want the portability of the mini-system, just so you know there is a better way to do streaming. But I estimate it'll cost you a few hundred dollars more than the mini-system will cost.
First you need to get a soundcard, internal or external for the computer. For audiophile sound this should be a good quality one that will cost you around $200 - $300. There are a few companies that make these.(just ask and you should get some recommendations) I use Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum II. You then connect this to a receiver with either optical,RCA jacks and some have coaxial cable. Connect speakers to your receiver/amp, download a program like Winamp 5 for your player and your all set. You can then tranfer all your cd's to your computer hard drive and create a library of music. You can then play any or all songs through Winamp thus creating a jukebox. A receiver and speakers will set you back a couple hundred bucks depending on the quality. But in my opinion you will get way better sound

09-18-2004, 03:50 PM
I wouldnt have to do that with the Philips though? Because USB sends just the data and the stereo will use that data to put out the music so i cant see how having a better sound card will be good for the Philips. I can see it being needed if i wanted to streeam it to either of the sony steroes as tehy only have line in.

09-19-2004, 12:24 AM
Looked up mini-systems in the Sony catalogue. The new MHC line uses W.A.T. (wireless audio tranfer). This plugs into your computer and sends MP3s or any music format to the MHC in real time.Also has a feature called Game Sync Mixing where you can mix your tunes with game effects for extra effect.

MHC-GX750- 500 watts-$399.99 cdn
MHC-GX450- 400 watts- $299.99 cdn
MHC-GX250- 280 watts- $229.99 cdn