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09-07-2004, 03:03 PM
First off thanks everybody for their advice on an earlier thread I posted about my problems with internet speed (and/or opening web page time). Someone on another board (if it was somehow this one and I got the Board confused I appologize, no slight intended) pointed out a great web site ( where I followed the "safe" directions (the chart is in the middle of the page you need to scroll down) in which programs/applications to change from either Manual or Automatic to disable in services.msc (put this in run and then click enter). Services.msc is not the same as msconfig and I urge you to check on each. Blackviper also gives you a riskier tweak and a gaming tweak, I choose "safe" tweak.

Anyway, doing this coupled with doubling my memory from 512 to a gig, seems to have spead up my internet surfing in terms of clicking on a page and having it actually load up. I haven't noticed any downside on the changes. Most of the changes are because HP (and this may be any microsoft product I don't know) assumes you're part of a network not a stand alone computer on broadband service.

I definately recommend everyone to at least check this link out. Thanks again for the words of advice.