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Dusty Chalk
09-04-2004, 11:02 PM
Just watched this, and it was pretty much unanimous amongst my pile of friends -- it sucked. So how come I don't remember it getting the same hoopla that Gigli got? I mean, there were some entertaining bits, but at about the 1:00 mark, we seriously contemplated shutting it off. I'm kind of glad we didn't, because at that point we had gotten through the hard part, with nothing having happened yet. It still got worse before it got better, and the better was only relative -- it didn't make up for the worse. I think we all pretty much knew from the opening bad accent. ("What kind of accent was that?" "Fake.")

We actually re-wrote the ending (Ruby and Ada become lesbian lovers, Inman comes back, Ada dumps Ruby sort of [it's never spoken about, she just goes back to him], the hetero lovers start slacking off, Ruby gets mad and puts them to work...) which I thought would have been much more entertaining, but about as realistic as aliens.

Don't get me wrong, though: I still think Cruise is an idiot for dumping Nicole. I still wanna do her myself.

09-08-2004, 11:09 AM
i didnt care much for this either, and i saw it in the movie theater. even without hype, having heard all the so-called oscar buzz about the movie, i thought it just dragged on far too slowly. i enjoy slowly developing movies, where you don't have to have a music video style story tempo to keep my attention, i actually have an attention span, but this... ouch!! it just hurt watching it. i read afterwards that the editor was working with one possible storyline than Inman died in the attack at the beginning of the movie, and it was his ghost that was making its way back to kidman. Now had they done THAT, the ending woulda redeemed the whole move even in spite of the sixth sense trump card.
it was beautifully shot however, especially the scene where the union soldiers are lying in wait for the explosion and then charging the rebel camp, that was cool. i haven' read the book however, so that might be good, the movie though, was all filler, no killer.

09-17-2004, 06:57 AM
Watched it last nite.

Yeah, too long, too plodding, but damn! There were a lot of really interesting moments of gritty tonality, especially on Inman's trek home. The old gypsy woman in the forest . . . clearing the creek of the dead cow and what transpires that night at the moonshiner's house . . . the Natalie Portman sequence . . . There was a lot in this movie that I really got engrossed in.

But yeah, Kidman didn't pull it off for me. Too pretty, too "movie star" for such a gritty story. Renee Z, I dunno. Sometimes she was spot on and others, ridiculously over the top. She won an Oscar for THIS?

And boy howdy, did I see that ending coming or what?

09-17-2004, 07:33 AM
Yeah this was a mediocre-at-best movie in my opinion, but nowhere near the depths horrid filth that Gigli reached.
I lost all faith in the Oscar's when The Shawshank Redemption AND Pulp Fiction lost to Forrest Gump back in 1995, Renee Z winning didn't shock me. Let's not start the Oscar thread though.

This wasn't nearly as bad as "The Others" though. Good to see getting dumped by hubby Tom hasn't diminished Kidman's ability to draw all kinds of media hype for crappy movies...

Dusty Chalk
09-17-2004, 08:59 AM
Troy -- yeah, I guess in hindsight, there were a few "interesting" things about it, but...after one hour, we stopped the film and seriously considered not finishing it (I was against finishing it myself), because nothing had as yet happened, and we still had 90 minutes to go. We did end up finishing watching it, and I was glad, because stuff (finally) happened.
This wasn't nearly as bad as "The Others" though. WHAT?!?!? The Others is one of my favourite movies that she's ever done.

Oh, well, to each his own, 'n'all that.

09-17-2004, 09:05 AM
.WHAT?!?!? The Others is one of my favourite movies that she's ever done.

Oh, well, to each his own, 'n'all that.

Well, it's probably one of MY favourite movies that SHE's done...It just bored me to tears...maybe I'll have to give it another watch, but it left a bad impression.

But then again, I didn't hate either Spiderman movie or the new Star Wars flicks, so I definitely wouldn't make a good movie critic. :)

09-22-2004, 12:38 PM
But then again, I didn't hate either Spiderman movie or the new Star Wars flicks, so I definitely wouldn't make a good movie critic. :)

I hear ya kexodusc! I really liked Episode I and II and the Spiderman movies although a decent amount of my Star Wars friends didn't. I LOVE the Star Wars movies and am in the official fanclub, so for me the first two episodes are incredible because you get to see how everyone becomes who they become. Most of the stories behind the original Star Wars characters are known, but it is really awesome to see it on the big screen. I really don't understand why the movie critics gave it such a hard time. Honestly, I did not read many reviews before the episodes came out so I am kind of in the dark.