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12-08-2003, 08:24 AM
Bought this set a few weeks back but only had a chance to watch it last night.

All I can say is AWESOME!!!

I am old enough to remember seeing this in the Theater - actually, I saw it at a sneak preview a couple of weeks before its first theatrical run - I was 11 at the time. It was then , one of the best movies I had ever seen and it remains one of my all time favorites.

I have read mixed reviews on the sound and have to say, on my system, it sounded marvelous! Probably almost as good as the theater - theaters in 1980 weren't all state of the art, although as I recall Raiders was the first film shown at the New Capital Six in Victoria, where I grew up, so the sound was state of the art for the day. It is certainly the best sounding version I have heard since the theatrical release. And the wide screen, oh how I missed the wide screen!

Anyway, this gets a big thumbs up from me and I can not wait to watch the rest of the films in the series.



12-08-2003, 04:53 PM
Yam; My brother bought the set. I saw the film in 1982. Theaters back then were if I recall not really ready for surround sound. I thought in the theater the print was fine back then. The DVD wipes the floor with any broadcast or laservision edition of this film picturewise. It looks so good as if it were filmed yesterday. I remember in the theater when Indy was running through the field chased by the natives how green the grass was in the theater. It looks even better on the DVD. The laserdisc was not sharp at all.

As for sound, I felt the DVD was rather brite. I felt that the best surround part orginally on the laserdisc was the barroom gunfight battle. That disc was in two channel FM analogue and I believed made best audio laserdisc of the year during the 80s. I thought that discs sound was luscious. That scene got a sound "enhancement" or remix on the DVD. I thought it was ok with the sound even having a sort of EX quality in some parts. The rest of the 5.1 surround sound was unremarkable. Still for lovers of this movie, you still get your monies worth.