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08-31-2004, 06:00 AM
With the season dying down I thought it appropriate to spend a little time talking about what I consider to be at best an "uneven" season.

1. David's brutalization at the hands of that carjacker and all the ramifications so far. I found myself screaming at the screen for him to fight back, bite scratch do something. I was so frustrated because he missed so many opportunities to escape or kill that f**ker that was torturing him.

2. Clare's lesbian fling, even though we've yet to see those breasts, it's nice to see her kissing a woman...

3. Kathy Bates. She jump starts every episode she's in. She really lights up the screen.

4. Lisa sick a** family. Nate's dead ex's family is why there are so many heroin addicts in this world. I'd stick a gun in my mouth if I had to live with those people for 5 minutes. Emasculating, crazed women with wimps for husbands. Nate's so lucky Lisa's dead.

1. The whole Nate and romance thing with what's her face is tired to me. I'm so goddamns sick of this whining a**hole I don't know what to say. He used to be the most compelling character on the show, now I wish he and she would just disappear.

2. Rico and the stripper. Tired, beat, and stupid storyline. About as un-original as you can get.

3. Momma Fisher's husband. We don't need this creep. He brings nothing to the table. I liked the sexual tension with the intern better.

Well that's my take. I personally am ready for NEXT season cause basically I though this one sucked.

Da Worfster