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08-30-2004, 07:59 PM
Hello all in the land of air vibration mechanisms (sound reproduction)!

been away for some time and i find this place to be a wee bit too strict! seems like alot of good folks dont quite give the info they can to newbies trying o get elp for things they don want to ask in person for fear of being ridiculized... i mean, you start off on the right track.. then not go as in depth as you did for my "bonehead questions"

to the mod.. i mean not to step over my boundaries.. but isnt this place supposed to be for new and old? newb or pro?? it seems like alot of good pros are worrid of overstepping their boundaries in giving an explanation to a newb..

to the rest of the forum users.. dont be afraid to ask questions and PROPERLY answer questions.. i don care if youve answered it time and time again.... how many of you remember when they were ABSOLUELY baffled by speaker wire choice?? or what 'phase' was?? heck i personnaly still hafta stop an double check EVERY speaker for propper polrity and even then.. i cross my fingers when i turn the whol enchiladda on afterwards! lol

just my 2 cents worth. and being canadian.. prolly only a penny and a half! lol