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08-30-2004, 07:44 AM

I am trying to consolidate all of my equipment into a closet and run Component/Video and Digital Audio over RJ45 to Baluns (or other type of system) in the family room where the TV and speakers are.

Since I don't want to explain to the spousal unit how to go into the cabinet to change CDs or DVDs, I need to know how it is possible to hookup a DVD/CD changer (about 300 discs) and offer a TV-GUI to select the disc to play or listen to.

Ideally, I would have such a changer connected to an Internet location (like IMDB or CCDB for movie and music databases) to pull cover art, etc.. I did look at a Kenwood system (Sovereign? Entre?) and while it looks good, I'm rather concerned that the product line appears a few years old -- is it near lifes end? Also, I use CAT5E throughout the house, not the home-phone-network.

I welcome your advice and wisdom.