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08-28-2004, 12:37 PM
You may finally have a reason to love Bose.;jsessionid=Bwq8juTMGRs2I12jpN2yyC2ecg15 KoU2xFThNjHRe2qZy8Jy0x2y!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp&pageName=/learning/index.jsp

If you REALLY want to be impressed, check out these Quicktime vids:;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_democourse_cornering1.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_slalom.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_dlc.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_longbumpheadon.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_democourse_sidebyside.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_athenian_bump.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_hansondrain.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_quakercrest.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_speedbump.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp;jsessionid=BwktVQDfokrYeF6yqNb5sFGUWT5O nxlHtwGvi1IZd2ntEB8JT625!1879924776!-373760557?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/tech_details/pop_vid_susp_reardeck.jsp&pageName=/learning/project_sound/bose_suspension.jsp

N. Abstentia
08-28-2004, 01:58 PM
The only problem with Bose suspension is that it will be sold at car lots where they sell nothing else, so there will be no chance for a direct comparison to superior products. Also, their target market is people who have no knowlege of high quality suspension systems they are hoping people will go straight from Big Wheels, tricycles, and lawn tractors straight to the amazing benefits of the Bose suspension.

08-28-2004, 08:00 PM
blahblahblahblah, a suspension that melds a luxury car ride with sports car handling, huh?

Gee, never heard that one before :rolleyes:.

I sincerely doubt this one will ever take off. GM already has a similar system called Magneride which is probably the closest thing to an ideal solution. We've got semi-active suspensions, active anti-sway bars, and 200 different flavors of yaw, skid, and traction control. The big manufacturers would never pay the licensing fee to Bose for a system they can engineer (which would be superior) in house.

08-29-2004, 09:23 AM
The big manufacturers would never pay the licensing fee to Bose for a system they can engineer (which would be superior) in house.
Nope, but all the goofy rice-boys with jazzed up Honda Civics will pay rediculous amounts of money for anything they see on tv or in a magazine if it says it'll improve performance....Bose might be on to something here.

08-29-2004, 04:31 PM
Nope, but all the goofy rice-boys with jazzed up Honda Civics will pay rediculous amounts of money for anything they see on tv or in a magazine if it says it'll improve performance....Bose might be on to something here.

I don't know about that KC. It seems every rice rocket I've seen has been slammed so low the damn thing is pretty much riding on it's bump stops. It sure does corner flat though! I doubt many of the FnF crowd give ride quality a second thought. Just as long as it looks good, sounds loud, and get's noticed. Besides, that crowd seems to hate Bose more than audio enthusiasts. They rip out whatever OEM system is in there and install more A/V gear than most well equipped HT rooms at your local dealer...and it ain't Bose!

08-30-2004, 04:37 AM
Yeah, but the name of that game is WATTS, WATTS, WATTS....I've seen Nissans and Mazda's with more watts than cubic inches...sometimes 4-1 ratio....And it's just pure NOISE!!! Don't get me going on that subject. I guess they act as portable loudsytems if you park them at ball fields or something...
I love rice-boys. Anybody that will drop $100 for an Air Filter, $1000 for a muffler, and $300 for spark plugs that adds 8 HP to a 4 cylinder engine deserves honors for working hard to keep the economy rolling! Funny, I always love it when an ugly old Camaro or that 5.0 L Mercury from the 80's (Capri? know, the Mustang knock-off) smokes the jazzed-out Protege or Celica at the stoplights with a huge puddle of oil on the ground and thick, blue smoke in the air.

Back when I was in school, we had to take shop class, and learned the value of cubic f'n inches!!!

09-06-2004, 05:35 AM
Bose suspension? Bet it still can't make an American car go round a corner properly................... :D


09-10-2004, 07:42 PM
of geniuses and trying to take credit for someone else's research, then packaging and marketing the hell out of it. Yeah, Bose owns the patent on transmittion line designs don't they. But they didn't do a wit of the research themselves.

09-12-2004, 10:29 PM
A couple of highlights (lowlights?) caught my eye:
1) They wouldn't let anybody drive the two LS400 mules
2) The only experience tester were given were on a simulator
3) Bose wouldn't reveal the suspension algorithms.

So let me get this straight; You can't actually experience this new technology and we won't show you the data.

Hmmm, kinda like their refusal to supply freq. response charts with their speakers.

No thanks, I'll take a pass.