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08-27-2004, 06:52 PM
Hi there,

I have recently become interested in vintage audio. I have collected several Reel to Reel players, some vintage receivers, some vintage speakers and don't know much about any of them. However they are intriguing and researching on the web how to repair different things.

I have a Teac A-1600 that I know or at least I think I know needs a belt or two. It turned on and was running fine. Then dawned on me, let's hear it and plug up the speakers, when I turned it back on the capstans would barely turn then stop. Any idea where I might find belts for it?

I have two other Reel to reels an AKai 1722W which plays beautifully. It amazes me with technology today, how something like that with only 2 small speakers inside the casing sounds so good. Not that its truly jamming loud or anything, but you get the point if you are a enthusiasts. And I also have a Sony TC-456 that has some problems that I don't even know where to begin with it. Capstans will turn in forward mode, but buttons are so jammed up, can hardly push play as it is really stiff. It's got a few cosmetic issues, but looks to be a really tough unit.

As for receivers I have a Sansui QRX-3500 that seems to be in excellent condition, minus a few scratches on the wood casing. * I have yet to test all channels ...but all lights/meters are functioning. I'm interested in getting through and testing all, it's a great sounding unit. I looked inside the casing and there are some cob webs. Any suggestions on best way to clean them out safely? I am TOTALLY new to this whole elething, so suggestions would be a blessing.

I also have some other receivers that are integrated systems *with turntable/8 track/cassette, etc. that something is wrong with at least 1 item on it, but haven't gotten in to the mode of discovering what those problems are yet.
I ran across a MAC1900 and Mc speakers not long ago and fell in love. Since then whenever I run across old systems/receivers/speakers I pick them up. The house is getting full, but I am having fun. Now when I learn to fix their problems and make other enthusiast happy, I will be having a ball. I just wish I had learned about this stuff earlier on and taken some classes on it. 33 years old now and discovering this isn't too late, but had I known. OHHH.

Anyway, if any of you out there have any suggestions on books, videos, or other materials I could pick up that would help me in what I would need to know on various repairs, etc I would love to hear from you. I seem to have a problem sitting and reading and soaking it all in, and tend to learn better by experiment, but hope to not screw something up too badly during my experiments. Any materials you could suggest I would gladly appreciate.

Or if you have suggestions on any of the items I have listed above, I'm all open to hear anything.

Much thanks, Joseph :cool:

08-28-2004, 07:51 AM
Hi Joseph,

You might try There are lots of helpful members and forums at this site which is for vintage equipment.