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08-27-2004, 06:05 PM
I really like the paradigm reference studio 20 v3 and I have heard alot of folks ( on this and other forums)say the axiom M22Ti is a very similiar speaker (particularly imaging). I find this interesting as the Axioms are quite a bit less. Has anyone had a chance to listen to these two side by side?

08-28-2004, 03:10 AM
I own the Studio 20 V.2's...the M22Ti is basically the same as my M3ti's with but with 2 smaller woofers. The tweeters on these is no where near as smooth as the Studios. The midrange is rather blah, and the bass is lacking. The M22Ti's probably address the last 2 issues a bit better. But in my honest, unbiased opinion, these Axioms are really at a performance level between Paradigm's Performance and Monitor line. Certainly not on par with the Studio 20's.
They do image well, and aren't a bad speaker, though, just don't believe the hype from other Axiom owners.

N. Abstentia
08-28-2004, 04:18 AM
The Paradigm Studios simply outclass the Axioms, there is no comparion.

What you are probably thinking about is the cheaper Paradigms like the Titans or Legends, these would compare with the Axioms.

08-28-2004, 08:42 AM
What else have you listened to. What sounds good when you've heard few speakers can be outclassed the more different brands you hear. The trouble with Axiom is that you order a speaker get it home and it sounds maybe very good - but what did you compare it to? You might think a Honda Civic blows a Cavelier away but let's be honest the difference between these two is not as great as say that Honda or Cavelier is when compared with Ferrari.

In my town or Vancouver MOST stereo shops carry Polk, Athena, Paradigm, JBL, Bose and Energy and now Totem. For a long time if I was comparing Paradigm to JBL and Polk of course Paradigm is light years ahead of this stuff for the most part. But beating largely crappy competition isn't exactly a ringing endorsement - especially when that ringing will crop up when you hear better speakers.

You have a pretty good budget - for less money or the same money I think you can do significantly better - this of course is just my opinion but do at least listen to some other speakers that would be considered significant competion - Audio Note AX-Two(I will post next week here about them) at $549.US if you can live without deep bass I would take over the 100V3(it isn't close musically or in the treble IMO) the Dane 42 or 52 if you have a very good quality non-receiver amplifier and space are standouts.

Price and quality OF SOUND are not correlational - I listened to 5 speakers yesterday and the best in the Room was an Athena Floorstander for a mere $499.00Cdn - easily beat the Polk at $1299.00 - the treble was a bit unruly on the Athena - but the Polk had no life - The JBLs were in the $1k range sounded boomy and worse hollow. I would take the Athena despite having the lowest price by more than half. Granted the Polk uses better parts I suspect but better drivers better parts doesn't translate into better sound much of the time.