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08-21-2004, 09:47 PM

Well, it's been a while since I've perused the boards and WOW!! what a change has occurred over the past while. Having read a bunch of the posts and the somewhat disgruntled feelings about the new site admin, mods, and regulations here's a suggestion that I feel should help to settle and soothe some of the frayed nerves.

A bit of a digression here, but I think that a large part, if not the whole part, of the problem people have with the new system is that some people - and you know who you are - feel that their opinions are being unnecessarily and unfairly stifled. I agree to a certain extent with these people. However, I also feel that the new admin has a right to be able to dictate how they want their site run.

Anyways, as for a solution, here goes: I think that free reign should be allowed in the forums that exist now. That means that if the subs and objs want to duke it out in the cable forum then more power to both sides. However if the subs want to be able to extol the virtues of whatever part of the system, they should be able to do it without any outside interference in their own special forum group - named "subjectivist theory" or some other name. This will complement the new "science lab" forum.

The beauty of this system is that the objectivists and the subjectivists both get their own special fora, but also the newbies to this site who are looking for advice will be able to go to the appropriate forum and be able to hear both sides of the story. I know that in hindsight, that I am very happy to have been able to hear both sides of the cable debate when I first started into audio.

I'm guessing, although I have no definitive proof, that most new visitors to this site with specific questions about components, speakers or cables will be visiting the the appropriately labeled forum with their questions. With the current system, they'll only be getting half of the answers they were looking for. Especially considering the wealth of knowledge that many of the AR members have, that would be a huge shame.