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08-21-2004, 11:50 AM
Just a shot at peace. Life goes on in any case, only different.

This is addressed to the folks that have been here and bolted [hopefully not for good although some will say so ;) ], to Eric, and to the majority that just want a forum to hang out in, discuss their interests, and want an informative and stimlulating place to visit.

Needless to say the rash actions of the new administration [buy me dinner first ;) ] and some members have caused hard feelings [if anyone cares]. I say, turn the page on the past few days, make it a non-event, and attempt a fresh, less acrimonious start of changes that never had an opportunity to be put into practice under "real world" conditions. We all know things can work differently in the lab than in practice, or not.

The Audio Lab doesn't have to be the kiss of death if, as Eric said, there will be flexibility in the other forums for everyone to have a voice. The changes were sudden and forceful and so was the response. What none of us have seen is where the limits will be, and/or with a different beginning, how this would play out. This went from push to warfare in an instant with what I think was a lack of understanding about what either party would accept, and nobody taking a step backwards. Ya know, a real meeting of the minds at ram force.

The printed word can seem very final. In a venue like this it should first be taken as discussion, and not necessarily the final word. In person, it often seems that people make a larger effort to restrain themselves when talking to people they don't know. Online it seems people will allow a situation to escalate much faster. Yeah, I have seen fights break out between people, but usually there was alchohol involved or it was planned for after school. If a delete button, or a few, had been struck before the words were transmitted, they might have been soon forgotten, and had no ramifications. It wasn't a fair start and I call for a do over. Hey, it's cyberspace, anything can happen with resolve and forgetfulness.

Give peace a chance, fight for peace, coexist. It seems most people want the same thing it...a bigger piece of what they want.

Hoping the recently departed can be proven to return. I'm off the soap box.

08-21-2004, 12:12 PM
Yeah I agree with Tin, this forum has recently turned into the first ever online reality show. Whats the deal people? everybody get together and lets start talking about audio.
I swear some newbies are going to be starting to think this is more like Melrose Place than an audiophile place. Whats it going to be?
personally i think its cool to have an audio lab. for those that dont remember high school, the lab was where geeks always went. and since as audiophiles we sort of fit the geek description (well, with the exception of myself) then we should realize that the audio lab is a great addition. it allows the scientist in you to have a place of your own. I think the audio lab is really a tribute, in disguise, to all the highly intelligent and technical people here.

08-21-2004, 12:37 PM
(Or is it here, here? thats always confused me)
SOrry guys, I was a little rash. You guys can be intimidating! Let's Start over:



08-21-2004, 12:54 PM
(Or is it here, here? thats always confused me)
SOrry guys, I was a little rash. You guys are intimidating! Let's Start over:



It's Hear Here. ;)


The empty places will surely be filled but the unique personalities won't be replaced. Or? Maybe an e-mail offering amnesty and a fresh start to the skeptics who left? I offer the challenge of rebuilding on what existed a few days ago. Keep in mind there are many more people in the middle than on either end. What happens from "on high" shouldn't fall to the benefit of either side, but address what is best for the rest of us in the middle who can appreciate both sides, and/or ignore either side.

"Friends?".... I'm always looking to make them, but found that time tells their value.

08-21-2004, 12:57 PM
Right on.
Everyone go listen to some good tunes and we'll meet here later. :)

08-21-2004, 05:53 PM
i have seen where a couple of posters have been banned or reprimanded. has a heavy hand taken hold here? wm ax who posted in a postured manner was booted. i didnt see what it was that did him in but something did.

hopefully this will have a positive effect. i rather expect an exodus of sorts, some of the posters here act like a good old boys that try to rule and run things. they may get pist and run off to karma or annex where there are more like them. it wont be easy for them there because the good old boys network is a different group there and already established.

it will be interesting.