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08-20-2004, 11:35 AM
I live in the bay area. And i really feel that it is only right to acknowledge two dealers that i have come to know and respect.
For HT i acknowledge Bill at SF Stereo in Mountain View. He really likes movies and he's one cool guy to talk to. Of course SF Stereo is a high-end place that makes one feel a bit intimidated by the sterility. But, they have good setups for HT.
For Analog Stereo i highly recommend Jeff at Audible Arts in San Jose. He really loves his gear and is very willing to share information with customers. Unlike SF Stereo, Audible Arts is a very casual environment. A place for true stereo audiophiles in my opinion.
I am putting these two people down because I have been to every Audio store South of SanFran, and I know that a lot of salespersons can be BS sometimes. Bill and Jeff were definite exceptions.

I think it would be cool if you were to acknoledge the good dealers you have come to meet. I think that customer service can be a thing overlooked at times. Acknowledging these people, when they really deserve it, is a good thing. NO SHILLING PLEASE.