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08-19-2004, 03:06 PM
Hello dear audiofreaks around the globe

I have a question to the people who know these ACR RP300 speakers.
I currently have the Infinity kappa 9 [yes the original ampkillers] I have them for a couple of years now and still the are magnifico..But now i can trade them against the ACR RP300 speakers.

All i know about these speakers is:

Silver cable as internal wiring

25hz to 44khz [the k9 i have 29hz 45khz]

Magnetostatic Mids/high...faster and more clean as from the k9 polydome/polygraph mids thats for sure.

External filters modified with adyn


Here you can see the pic of the filter...very rigid build as you can see..trafo for the mid/ high stators.

here you can see the speaker itself high glossy paint blue [very nice iff you like this color and i do]


The units are from fostex [i believe kef uses this brand, for there speakerunits to]

Furter the are as big as the k9 i own...1m 50cm in the air and deeper 37cm bafflewide is 47cm....the k9 i currently own is 115kg due to mods [graniteplates] ectra...the acr weights about 90kg per side

Now does anyone have any clue iff the acr is compare-able with my monsters?

Thnx for any reply! [ps im dutch sorry for my bad english] ;)