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Jim Clark
08-18-2004, 05:58 AM
Got back a few days ago from a vacation of decent length to Orlando. Not sure what it is about me and Florida that whips up the hurricanes but at this point we're thinking that we need to reconsider Florida in August. Glad to hear that Chip and his family got by relatively unscathed. Hope that held up for his friends as well. We bailed early Friday afternoon figuring that Universal and Disney weren't closing up shop for the heck of it. Great trip I suppose but in the end it sickens me to think of the wide screen plasma TV I could have had instead. Speaking of "sickens me" that Mission To Space ride at Epcott is something else. I made full use of the barf bags they had in front of every seat. For heartier persons it may be the most wicked ride ever.

Looked but didn't find any new toons to pick up along the way. I see that Ridgway's CD has had a proper release yesterday and in a few short minutes I'll run up to Best Buy to see if they have it in stock. Hopefully it will be priced better than the 16+ they want for it at CDbaby.

Looks like we got some new management stirring things up for the folks that have nothing better to do than argue about cables. Can't see where any of it will impact this board except I won't be able to make fun of that genius TLADINY. that kind of sucks.

Hope things are going your way.

Dusty Chalk
08-18-2004, 06:11 AM
Hey! Welcome back. I been missin' ya. I even wandered over to electroculturemagazine lookin' for ya.

Plasma TV's are over-rated.

08-18-2004, 07:58 AM
As a minimum, as a result of one departure, maybe there won't be any more occasional drive-by posts pontificating on the ONLY real music and the ONLY proper way to reproduce it and the ONLY proper instruments that should be used (in the ONLY proper order of value for said instruments), etc etc...............

:rolleyes: :p

08-18-2004, 09:42 AM
You're gonna enjoy the new SR disc Jimmy.

Disney actually has a ride that supplies barf bags? Must smell real nice in there.

Go for the TV next year.

Welcome home.

08-20-2004, 03:13 PM
agreed on everything that ride is awesome as well as the spiderman in universal, well the board is slow maybe august is the cause todo" is slow.
Listening to Mary Fahl solo effort while tipyng this ( vocalist for october project) good singing and some good songs on it.