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08-17-2004, 06:13 PM
Hey its me again :), This fits in both cables and speakers so i decided to put it here but ne way...

I was looking for a cable for my subwoofer and i came across this review for 1 at circuit city:

One of the cheapest sub cables monster makes. Comes with y-connector if you would like to connect to both left and right inputs on sub(which most people do).Does the job

I was unaware that the sub had left and right inputs? Plz clarify Do all subs have left and right inputs? Is it better to use both or one? thank you! :)

I also have another question, I am going ot buy this sub:

It says it has high and low lvl imput options, what does that mean? With the y connecter will i be able to use both of them? Thanks :)

This Guy
08-17-2004, 07:00 PM
Yeah get a Y connector and connect it to both the left and right inputs. It will work fine if you use just one, but it won't be as loud and you'll have to turn the gain on your subwoofer up. Don't get any monster cables, they're too expensive. Just get a regular RCA audio or video cable from radio shack or best buy and use those to connect your subwoofer. They are the same thing as a "subwoofer cable" they're just labelled differently so they can charge more for an official "subwoofer cable." Radio Shack and Best Buy will have what you need. Get some gold plated ones so they last longer. Shouldn't cost much more than $15 with the 2 cables and Y adapter. The high and low level inputs do not get used if you're going to use the left and right inputs. The high and low lvl inputs are used when you want to use the crossover built into the sub rather than the one in your receiver.