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s dog
08-16-2004, 09:08 PM
A while back i posted a ? about upgradeing my ps 1000 sub,I have got it down to three choices. keep the ps1000 and run it with a titanic mk11 10 inch or sell it and get the titanic 12 or 15 inch sub kit , my room is 18 by 12. the 15 inch is looking really good to me , i know it is over kill but i like the idea of a 1000 watt amp on a sub, do you guys think that would sound good in my room, 80% ht thank you

08-17-2004, 03:59 AM
I built the 12" MK III for my parents awhile back. It has no problem keeping up with my PW-2200 for the most part. It's not as accurate or as tight for music, but oh well.
That's the problem I'm worried you might have with the 15" woofer though. I prefer the tight sound a smaller woofer provides, and I actually prefer my PW-2100 to my PW-2200. If you ever get into multi-channel music, you might consider this.
But for reproducing earthquakes, the end of the world, all the bad parts of the Bible, etc...that 15" would work nicely. But keep in mind, 1000 watts sounds really nice to say, but in reality it is only a mere 3 dB louder than 500 watts, barely noticeable. You probably won't max out the 500 watt amp most of the time.

I've run both my PW-2100 and PW-2200 in "stereo" and didn't notice any benefits. Haven't tried moving one to the rear of the room yet, this might help smooth out frequency response, not sure. I personally think your best bet is to sell your sub and buy the 12" MK III kit (or 15" if you feel the need). Your room isn't all that big and that should be plenty.
Good luck!

08-17-2004, 05:14 AM
I built the MK II 12" (not the kit) myself. Made the box sealed with a Qts of around .81 in a 1.75 cubic foot internal volume box. It's very good on both music and HT although with the sealed box you will not got the earth shaking that a vented box (kit) will give you. The sealed enclosure keeps it under control better I think. This sub provides me with more than enough bass. Put it this way, I can hear the bass in every room in my house. And yes, if I turn it up loud enough it will shake the pictures, etc. in my house. You can still find some of these on ebay every once in awhile. The newer model MK III supposedly is better and can fit in a smaller enclosure. I do not know anyone who has built this sub yet so that is just hearsay.

Kexodus, I'm glad you mentioned about stereo subs. I was thinking of making a pair but now I not so sure. Sounds like my one will do just fine.

08-17-2004, 05:30 AM
For music, I set my crossover quite low, 60 Hz, or 40 Hz...I get the best blend in my room that way...I cannot hear any additional benefit to having stereo least not in the sweet spot where I listen because 1 sub is optimized there anyway.
I'm sure there's probably good reasons in favor of stereo subs, but I cannot reproduce any benefits other than more bass. I've given up on that. I'm selling one of the subs in fact.
Just my opinion though. I personally feel that people confuse benefits of stereo subs with the benefits of "more power".
I would strongly recommend the purchase of a parametric EQ and proper calibration of one sub-woofer before buying another sub.
But that's just me!!!

This Guy
08-17-2004, 07:22 AM
Yeah the room definently only needs a 12", but ofcourse the 15" will work fine. I actually modelled the 15" quatro with a 250 watt amplifier and it being in a 3 cubic foot sealed enclosure. It goes just about as low as the 12" and goes just about as loud. The Quatro is much more efficient and would work perfect for your room and total under $300. But if you want the 15" titanic go for it.

s dog
08-17-2004, 09:05 AM
thank you guys for all the help, i guess i will just have to think about it for awhile ,maybe the 12 would be good enough and i could save a few bucks