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12-06-2003, 06:15 AM
I am new to Audio/Video and new on this board. Recently I bought:
Yamaha RXV2400 Receiver
B&W 604s S3
B&W LCR600 S3
Mirage OMNI 250s for the rears

Being a novice I have another question. I have a Toshiba SD2800 DVD Player (lost the owners manual) I have it hooked up to the Analog L&R and yellow video jack. The front of the DVD player says it is DTS and Dolby Digital. When I try to select DTS on the EAGLES HELL FREEZES OVER DVD, no sound plays, but when I select PCM from the Eagles DVD, music plays. On the back of the Toshiba it has an OPTICAL jack which reads Bitstream/PCM???????? Do I need to use the Optical jack in order for DTS and Dolby Digital to work? Thanks for the help.....Paul

12-06-2003, 09:47 AM
Goirish; you mention a connection to the YELLOW VIDEO JACK. That ususally means that output is for a connection to a monitor with a video composite input. That would not be the jack to obtain digitial audio through your receiver. Are you saying that the 2800 has an optical output on its chassis. I do not recall Toshiba products having optical outputs, but I can't keep track of the model numbers that might have made a change. It is possible you have two digital audio outputs on this player; optical and coaxial. If you want to use 75 ohm audio cable, it must be plugged into the COAXIAL output on the 2800 and a coaxial audio input on the Yamaha. If you also have an optical output on that player, that would go into an optical input on the Yamaha. To be sure that you will always able to play DTS, the menu in the 2800 should be set to something indicating DTS playback or what is generally set is BITSTREAM.

12-06-2003, 11:17 AM
kelsci; THANK YOU it worked!!!! I used the coax output. Is there any bonus using the Optical output instead of the coax?.....Paul

12-06-2003, 01:59 PM
The optical cable is one of the better ways of hooking up sound from your DVD player to your reciever. Esspecially if your running surround sound. The next step up would be composite in which each channel coming from the back of the DVD player has it's own independant RCA cable going to the reciever (as with any DVD players that can play DVD-Audio or SACD's). Optical is just fiber optic wire. Its has less resistance so alot of times you don't have to turn your reciever up as high. It's also simpler and less messy.


12-06-2003, 03:58 PM
Goirush; You are most welcome. I was hoping you would catch my answer to your problem since your name was listed on board the forum after I finished the answer.

In the past, there has been on this and other forums so many arguments which type of cable was better; coax or optical. My answer is to try both and listen to see whose input sounds the best. I would add this. If you play movies and music(2 ch CD, or DTS 5.1 music CDs) I would conduct the same kind of listening tests as the movies. In one instance on my system with a Zenith 2300 player which has both digital outputs, this particular machine played movies better with the coax output and music better with the optical output. What goes with the Zenith might not be the same for other makes that include both outputs. Your whole system consist of higher end gear. My brother raved about the mirage omni's. You have elected to use them as surrounds. Could be an interesting result. The Yamaha 2400 from what I read is no slouch in the receiver department either. My brother has the Yamaha 2095 Flagship made a few years ago. While it lacks some of the newer features found on the 2400, it is no slouch in the audio department. Welcome to this board and have a whopping good time with this obsession called home theater. Officially I have farted around in this field since 1966. KELSCI.

12-07-2003, 10:30 AM
Thanks for all the info. guys. I'll buy an Optical cable and start making comparison tests between the cables with music and DVDs. What a difference it has made just by hooking it up correctly for Dolby Digital. My 14 year old son had 3 of his buddies over last night and they watched, X-MEN2, Terminator 3 and 2 episodes of Band of Brothers; they were AMAZED!!!!!! Well, heck, I am to. Thanks Again for taking the time and replying. I'm getting addicted to this stereo stuff very quickly....Paul