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08-07-2004, 03:09 PM
Rented both these the other day with the lil' lady, so lets cover "My Boss's Daughter" first....

Pretty funny comedy, with the real sexy, but stupid, Tara Reid, and Ashton Kutcher in a role that he does best --- the goofy, aloof airhead who screws everything up somehow, even though this role of his is getting tired, to be honest. I caught part of this on cable the other day, and recommended it to my girlfriend, so we decided to rent the disc to watch the whole thing.

In a nutshell, the plot is this (before I get into what you really are reading this for....the DVD specifications!): Kutcher works with his Boss's daughter (his boss is played by Superman II's awesome Terence Stamp, the daughter, of course, is Reid), and he is trying to get a promotion to a creative division of his company, a publishing firm named after Stamp's favorite animal, the owl. He of course is hot for Reid, but before he can ask her out, she needs him to house-sit the family home while Stamp and her go party somewhere; but Kutcher thinks he is being asked out on a date, until he arrives at the house and Stamp informs him he will be house sitting all alone....well, that is, along with Stamp's cherished owl who sits in his own room in the house.

What follows is absolute mayhem, only the way David Zucker (of Airplane! and the Naked Gun films) knows how to deliver.....while Kutcher is house sitting, Molly Shannon shows up (she was previously Stamp's really short-skirted secratary until she is fired and blames Kucther for it in a pretty funny scene in the beginning; a whole misunderstanding over the way she makes coffee)....along with Shannon's twit neo-Nazi biker boyfriend, and all hell breaks loose, with Shannon inviting over a group of whacko friends (including Carmen Elektra who gets those beautiful breasts of hers felt up by Kutcher in one scene) who proceed to wreck Stamp's house.

This film copied a hell of a lot from the likes of Meet the Parents and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and those who rent it will see exactly why, but be sure to get the "Special R Rated Version" which includes more sexual scenes and such; you wont regret it with Carmen Elektra, Tara Reid and Molly Shannon showing their tits and legs throughout the whole affair (not bear-breasted tits, but you know....)

As far as DVD specs go, Dimension Films presents "My Boss's Daughter" in a 1:85:1 aspect ratio which was beautiful; the audio was dissapointing. In Dolby Digital 5.1, there was really no surround ambience save for the occasional rainstorm scene or such. The front soundstage was lively and rich with music, but the overall volume of the track was horribly low, which is what I find with all comedies today. I needed to crank my receiver volume WAY beyond standard reference level to make the dialogue comfortable for me and my significant other.

Oh yeah....and I almost forgot....just about the best scene in the film comes when Carmen Elektra emerges from a swimming pool in a T-shirt and those delicious titties of hers are just poppin' right through the shirt --- stiff nipples and all! A real delight, boys.

Now, stay away from this other piece of crap I rented tonight, as well...."Megalodon" was a direct-to-video travesty along the lines of "Deep Blue Sea", "Shark Attack" and the UTTERLY HORRIBLE "Dark Waters". My girl has a thing for shark films, so we rented this, although I will keep trying to make people believe that there will be NO MATCH in cinema for the original Jaws. Now, Deep Blue Sea was the culprit for these spinoff direct-to-video films about great white sharks, and while that may have been big budget, this film just sucked. My girl liked it a bit, saying it was better than "Dark Waters," but thats not saying much, friends.

This awful piece of **** was a WATERED DOWN 90 something minutes of awful CGI effects, making the whole film look like a video game.....the snow was fake, the helicopters were fake, the oil rig was fake....the film is about a group of undersea diggers (The Abyss, Leviathan, Deep Star Six anyone?) who discover another level of existence under the sea loaded with prehistoric sea life. These lit-up angel fish-looking things are only the beginning, as a MASSIVE 11-ton ancestor of the great white shark comes out after them. There are only three or so shark attack sequences, and thats all. What is sad is that in the hands of a more experienced director, with bigger budget numbers and major studio behind it, this could have been a very interesting subject to explore: a prehistoric shark living WAY beneath the observable levels of the ocean deeps. But this was bad, kiddies....and what's worse, the ending leaves room for a sequel, and that is blatanly obvious.

DVD specs for "Megalodon"? Well, this cheap direct-to-video studio put the film out in standard full screen, but the picture seemed fine for such a low budget effort. The CGI effects, as stated, were horrid, but the picture quality was decent. Believe this or not, the 2.0 audio track actually sounded more active than the DOLBY DIGITAL DISCRETE 5.1 track on "My Boss's Daughter".....can someone explain that to me, please? Sure, the dialogue sounded badly recorded in some spots, because, again, of the budget, but overall, there were some spots of surround usage that were more effective than those in "My Boss's Daughter". The track, as on "Daughter," could have used a lot more dynamic range and power, but it wasnt the absolute worst 2.0 stereo track I have ever heard.