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08-05-2004, 01:53 PM
pretty simple any tips on how you guys go about this. Never have really done much with callibrating my tv but since I am changing some things right now I mine as well see if anything needs tweaked.

Do you just play a DVD and mess around to see what you like better? or does it go beyound this. Just a "normal" 27inch tv connected through components


08-05-2004, 05:19 PM
I would get either the Sound & Vision Home Theater Setup DVD or the Digital Video Essentials DVD, and use the video tests on those discs for your calibration. (The Avia DVD, which is made by the same company that produces the S&V disc, is also frequently recommended, but its audio tests do not include the most current formats and it still costs the most.) Those tests are very useful and can make a huge improvement in your video quality. The reason is simply that most TVs have the brightness and sharpness set way too high out of the box, and people who tune the TV just by looking at it will also tend towards bumping up the brightness and sharpness too much and bumping the color levels up too little. The calibration DVDs ensure the accuracy and consistency of the video tests by using a color filter.

The S&V disc has a solid set of basic tests, and because it's very simple to use, I would recommend that one if you've never done any kind of audio or video calibration because it also comes with some very easy to understand tutorials. The DVE disc uses a more advanced three color filter for the video tests and has a much more comprehensive set of video tests (although most of them you won't really use if you don't know how to access the service menu on your TV), but the tutorials are not as easy to understand, and the menu system is horrible. The S&V disc is sold at Borders for $15 while the DVE disc is a little harder to find and sells for $25.