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07-30-2004, 04:25 PM
I have an early Citation 5.0, ser # 200249. I would like to control it using Crestron equipment. Problem is that I am not sure that the Citation Bus (an RS-485 type bus) is enabled. My Crestron programmer tells me that it is a feature not implemented on this early unit. I checked this out with a dual trace o-scope connected to pins 2 and 3. All I am really looking for is any digital signal. I have assumed that it should send signal when operating the remote or front panel buttons. Although some signal was evident, it was in the millivolt range which I discounted as induced by neighboring circuit. Having read a review by markl suggests I may have a problem here, as newer versions may have different electronics. Product firmware is version 1.0j

filecat13 writes a review where the 1.55 upgrade was available last year from Madrigal. I am finding that Madrigal has moved Citation support to another branch of Harmon Kardon. The good news is that the people in tech support have been very helpful. The bad news is that some materials may have been lost in the office move. At this writing I am not sure that the 1.55 eprom is available.

Also have interest in the CCI (Citation Comunication Interface). Availability also appears to be unlikely. Attempted to substitute an RS-232 / RS-485 (StarTech IC485s) converter in its place. However, the number of configuration options plus the uncertainty of the citation bus pinout and questions about the bus working at all suggests this is a waste of time.

Citation was able to provide me with some programming info, including protocol/command info and a bus programming file (citbuspa.exe) that mimics the use of the remote. I have not had a chance to use this due to problem above.

Some questions:

Has anybody used the Citation bus hookup with any AV control equipment?
Did you use Crestron?
What firmware version is your Citation 5.0 using?
What serial # is your unit?

Is the Citation Bus not enabled in the 1.0j firmware?
Will the 1.55 firmware enable the Citation bus?
Do you have a copy of the file that I can burn onto an eprom?

Have you used an RS 232/485 converter to connect a computer to your Citation?
(Note that the StarTech IC485s appears to be identical to a unit sold by Jameco)
How do you have the switches configured ?
Wiring help?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks for taking time to read this.