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12-05-2003, 09:04 AM

I had not built any kind of audio equipment since my poverty stricken highschool days (when I made some boxes out of free particle board and put some 5.25in coax speakers) I still have them in my garage 15 years later.

Anyway I am an engineer and have built many things, ham radios, radio shack computer and robots. But for some reason I stayed away from building audio stuff ... until now. It all started last year when I built a Decware tube amp...nice and gets lots of attention at work. Then I built some of the Dayton BR-1 speaker from for $140...they sounded good (still no match for my old B&W 601s2). I ended giving them to my nephew (he inherits all my old equip).

Anyway the point of this thread have any of you built the new Higher end kits at
peerless/morel kit 302-900 for $379
Vifa pl kit 302-910 for $399
Dayton euro series kit 302-920 for $447

I know their are lots more HIGH end kits out there including speaker city and madisound.

The quandry I am having some high end kits...or for 1 steak dinner more buy highly acclaimed, sterophile class B Triangle Titus, and not worry about burning myself with the soldering iron...again.

Or anybody done serious comparison between high end kits and high end built speakers?

On a semi related note...I do not think the decware tube amp $600 was a better value than my $400 NAD c-740 receiver.

Jimmy C
12-05-2003, 01:40 PM these new kits. I have also built the BR1 and quite happy with it's performance/cost ratio. A bit fat and sloppy in the woofer, but detailed and satisfying. If the new kits are in the same ratio of price to sound, they should be a winner. Higher quality drivers and a better cabinet.

True, for a few more bucks you can have a better-finished, big company speaker. I don't like the concensus for the Triangles, though... a bit lightweight and lean (although fast and detailed). I like the idea of the PE kits being "warm". I would be willing to bet either soft-dome equipped speaker is forgiving with good bass.

As soon as we move (and check leftover funds!) I'll probably do either the Vifa or the Peer/Morel.

If you built it first, lemme know!

12-06-2003, 10:05 AM
Like others, I am interested in building some kit speakers. I know that Madisound offers many kits as well does Speakercity. On top of these parts houses, your have all the high end companies that make kits: North Creek, Besl, Gr-Research..... The problem with any of these kits, know one knows how they sound until you build a set. So, with this in mind, I'm asking if any you could submit a review of your speaker projects. Thanks!!!

12-14-2003, 04:53 PM
I confess that looking at the descriptions in the PE catalot, these look priced about $100 too much. Unless they're just using absolute top of the line crossover parts (which I believe is generally serious overkill), the prices they're asking for these kits just don't add up. Stick with an established kit design that has been built and/or reviewed by a number of people. Lots of those around the web including the AR-DIY right here.