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07-28-2004, 09:19 PM
This was a much better sounding disc than I expected. Lots of punch and detail. The boys performed remarkably well and Anderson's voice was crystal clear. The orchestra, thankfully was not allowed to over-power the band ala <b>Moody Blues</b> (a very young, predominately female orchestra, BTW). While everyone performed well, it was a hoot to watch Steve Howe go from a pedestal mounted acoustic guitar to a steel petal guitar, all the while wearing an electric guitar dangling from around his neck, and this was usually within the same song! His solo acoustic stuff was great as well. It is easy for me to recommend this DVD to anyone...however...

That is not to say that there weren't any warts. It was mentioned in another post that Anderson was acting somewhat odd, and I'd have to agree. He seemed very aware that the event was being taped. But you'd think he'd be unphased by such a thing, what with his 35 years of experience. But there he was, acting all flinty and jovial, like he was trying to be cute or something. Not that he was too distracting or anything, but I haven't been so apprehensive about a performer's ability to talk in public since Paul McCartney.
There are a lot of beautiful moments in this concert. But if you get this DVD, be sure to skip the last two songs, they are the encore, and it stinks. They come back to the stage to give what could only be described as a tepid rendition of 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart'. Steve Howe, who was so stately and graceful before, seemed suddenly dour. He perks up again as they get into 'Roundabout', but it isn't the evangelical performance found on <i>ABWH Live</i>, its the honkytonk version found on the <i>Classic Yes</i> CD. And to make matters worse, the young females from the orchestra (which doesn't perform in the encore) come out on stage to, not very well. Its a shame to see such a great concert disc punctuated by a bad episode of Dance Party.

But don't let that stop you, the rest of the concert more than makes up for the ending.
Its a great track list and most of the songs sound anew with the orchestral flourishes. Songs like 'Ritual' and 'And You And I' glow and 'Gates Of Delirium' is finally realized to its full potential with a full orchestra and minus the over-kill production/mixing from the album <i>Relayer</i> (referring of course to the battle sequence). These live versions of 'Gates' and 'Ritual' are IMHO superior to their album counterparts. Too bad they're not included on the accompaning CD.

Good showing for these guys. Recommended.

07-29-2004, 05:11 PM
To me the gig is great until those girls start that stupid dancing business. I could do without that.

I tell ya the dvd to get - Camel's "Coming of Age".

It'll blow you away, one of the best ever dvd's for concerts. Or Pallas's killer dvd.