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View Full Version : Best Receiver for Fluance AV-HTB??

07-28-2004, 05:08 PM
I'm getting Fluance AV-HTB speaker, so I'm trying to decide what receiver I should get.
I narrowed down to Denon AVR-1604, Yamaha RX-V450, and Onkyo TX-SR 502.
My budget is around 200-300.

Which one do you guys think is best for the speaker??

and.. is it OK to get a less powerful receiver than the speaker?(for example, Fluance speaker's output power is 100W, and yamaha or Onkyo's receiver power are around 80-90W)

Also, Can I hook up 5 channel speaker to 6.1 channel receiver??

One more question, is there any difference in sound quality among these receiver companies??

This Guy
07-28-2004, 05:28 PM
Any of thsoe receievers will do fine. Yes 6.1 capable receivers will work fine with only 5 speakers. And yes it is ok if the receievers output power is a little less than what the speaker can handle. I suggest you add Marantz and Harman Kardon to your list. I know marantz has pre-outs, although I doubt you'll need them. All the receievers you and I listed will sound very similar if not exactly the same.